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  • May understanding of Energy IQ is its a bit like a smart meter. If you look at it regularly it can show you what you have used and what is forecast. So some use, but making a system more efficient should be the main aim. Hence the need yo geofence radiator thermostats.

    interesting that the sales pitch for rad thermostats is a little misleading about their integration and lack of geofencing

  • thanks for suggestion

  • @Rob

    Thanks for your transparency! I get it that being open is hard and doesn't feel comfortable for most of us.

    If you need help in lobbying, feel free to reach out. I've got some experience in helping companies in these kind of things.



  • Hi, IFTT option if „leave specified area“ then „turn heating off specified room“ works for me
  • thanks for suggestion

  • @fairchildberlin can IFTTT make the heating resume to the normal schedule when you return. What ever state that should be (on/off/set temp etc)?

  • Would like to see this too - only I use my office so no point heating it if I'm not in

  • @fairchildberlin @mallbutt IFTTT seems nice but needs some programming if you want to really make it smart (not heat if it is already warm outside, not heat during the night, etc) Of course it is possible, but requires a pro subscription to IFTTT and setting it up without intervering Tado's own smartness so to say, is not an easy solution.
  • I’ve not read all 5 pages of this thread, but an alternative to using IFTT is to use home assistant. I’ve got this setup, so that when the person leaves it sets tado to off in that room and then when they return it changes back to auto, which then respects the configured schedule. The only slight disadvantage of this setup is you don’t get the pre heat like you do if tado detects you are approaching home
  • @TomNavman I'm sure that works too but again, you need a separate device to run home assistant and (some) work to configure this. It would be great if Tado just provided this functionality natively.
  • ChrisJ
    ChrisJ ✭✭✭

    Tado already supports geo-fencing at the home level and also allows multiple individuals to be registered in the home. It just needs to extend the software to allow specific room's geo-fence option to be associated with selected people (or none or all people) who are already registered to the home. Will take some effort in both the app and the backend for sure, but clearly is not rocket science.

  • jamese8
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    Really about time the geofence option available individual or grouped radiator thermostats. Obvious feature that would complete radiator thermostat integration and make their expensive purchase probably just about worthwhile.

    This has been a feature request for a long time now. Understand not every request can be actioned, but does seem like a very logical step to make control comprehensive.

  • jamese8
    jamese8 ✭✭✭

    exactly! just whats needed for many households

  • Please add this feature, I would really appreciate it because this is something that would make dramatically sense

  • A good start would be to be able to create users who can’t mess about with the settings and schedules so I can actually install the app on the kids iPhones.
  • jamese8
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    yes agree totally. Part of that could also to be able to set a max temp. currently its 25 which also means kids etc can put temp up to silly levels...

  • Yeah, I reset the temperature on my schedule a few times a day to turn it back down, I believe you can also set any manual override on the TRV to only last for x mins
  • Anyone got a setup guide for Home Assistant or iFTTT ?
  • …and that’s what happens, users look for other ways to achieve individual geofencing, something that tado either cannot or will not implement.

    Tado frequently send out updates to their app but 99% of the time, I don’t see what changes have been made. The iOS version of the app has just ticked over to v7.0 and the only discernible difference is dark mode, which has been introduced for Halloween. 🤷
  • @gearhunter are you running the beta’s? How painful is being a Beta tester?
  • jamese8
    jamese8 ✭✭✭
    Is there a beta version that has geofencing?
  • @mallbutt yes, I’m running beta’s. I’m guessing your second question is rhetorical?

    @jamese8 the beta I’m running doesn’t have individual geofencing. That’s not to say tado aren’t running beta versions, they could potentially have different betas running out in the wild - I guess they’d have the option to do this, maybe.
  • @gearhunter no it wasn’t. I’ve looked at downloading the Beta but as I’ve not had the system long I didn’t want an unstable app
  • @mallbutt ah, ok. From my experience there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve found the betas to be pretty solid, I’ve not come across any noticeable issues in the time I’ve been running them. It’s all mainly software, so if there’s something you don’t like you can fall back on the standard version. 👍🏼
  • johnsmith
    edited October 2022

    Is it my own fault - definitely

    Just installed 4 thermostats today, know i have users, know i have rooms, absolute basic assumption that individual geofencing exists!

    Now discover it does not exist and has been on the roadmap for three years already, quite irritated.

    Wondering if to remove the whole lot and send it back, this is not a difficult programming task, the information needed already exists in the app.

    Seriously disappointing and totally difficult to understand

  • @johnsmith you can have many users on one system geofencing but it’s not per room. So if someone’s in it stays on, but it all out it goes to away mode. What you can do is say turn my room off when I am away but leave the others on.
  • ok, interesting.

    So theoretically when one person leaves it can turn off their room, but leave the rest on?

    That would at least be workable