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  • I just subscribed to auto assist. My kids stay with me every couple of weeks and have their own rooms. Most of time their rooms are empty. I added kid 1 as user..
    They have same app access as me.. why? Can't wait for them to mess with the setup!
    Anyway, I couldn't find way to link their geofencing presence with their room.

    It was fast quick and simple to unsubscribe from auto assist, and get refund.

    Please let me know where is the setting or configuration to link kid with their room, thanks... and give them limited access..
  • Wad
    edited November 2020
    Yes tado, this feature should be deployed as it is fairly simple to code... I have a house with multiple flatmates and the economical incentive is great as it will allow to heat/cool depending on who is here. If you fear that multiple users can have conflicting heating/cooling geofencing demands for the same room, then by default set to home mode for that room.
  • Same need here: linking user + own room(s) + geofencing (of that user and his/her room(s)).

    That would be awesome! 🤗

  • Dear Tado,
    The kids just went back to their mums for a week.
    So I click on child1 room, set temp low until I cancel.
    I click on child 2 room, set temp low until I cancel.
    Then I click on child 3 room, set temp low until I cancel.

    When they stay at mine, I click on child 1 room and cancel so smart schedule starts ( same schedule as child 2 and 3 but I had to configure all seperately).
    Then I click on child 2 room and cancel so smart schedule starts ( same schedule as child 1 and 3 but I had to configure child 2 room seperately).
    You know what I do for child 3...

    This got boring and defeated the purpose of my investment in your pretty good hardware. So I gave child 1 access to the app. He thought it was amusing to keep turning his sister room down.. do you have kids, this was parent agro situation I could have done without.

    So I go back to just me with app access, manually controlling their rooms via your HMI.

    Other than assuming, no doubt like potential new customers, some very basic functionality ( users, roles, template schedules, room grouping, user room permission, user presence), plase tell me what I'm doing wrong and if it is not me, what and when are you going tado something about it.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Loz By no means a complete answer to your problem but if you have one spare you could use one of the three sets of 'days' (Mon to Sun; Mon to Fri with separate Sat Sun; Each day of the week) which are available under the title Schedule Days in the schedule settings.

  • @samd thanks, but couldn't figure what you were suggesting. I configured the kids rooms against a day set, but their rooms and schedules remain separate entities and no sign of any linking or grouping.
    Idk what tado.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Loz What I was suggesting is to make a smart schedule for each of the kids rooms using Schedule days Mon to Sun covering when they are with you. Then do another smart schedule using Schedule Days Mon to Fri, Sat, Sun covering when they are not with you. You can then switch the Smart Schedule as appropriate.

  • @samd cheers.. got it!
    Following that, I guess I still have to go each kids room to switch between schedule days, or have I missed something to minimise clicks?
    I've got an old raspberry pi kicking round, I think time invested in playing with home assistant will pay off the amount of clicks the tado UX is forcing me into..
    Knowing me, I have highly underestimated the effort and no doubt just as get it working, tado will release the feature..
    Suppose nice lockdown project tado and keep me busy.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Loz Yes you would have to switch schedule for each room - I did say it was not the complete answer!!😘

  • @Loz Did you ever find a solution to this?

    I have exactly the same setup family-wise. three kids with me 50% of the time- fixed during week with alternate weekends. Need to have grouping of rooms that i can automatically switch to away.

  • hey @mark79d not out of box or until tado roll out new features (which reading forums shows have been on roadmap for years)

    I sure made big mistake in assuming seemingly noddy basic functionality!

    so, i requested a raspberry pi in my xmas letter to santa.. will have a play with home assistant and see if that makes life easier.. will report back :)

  • if we keep posting in this thread and liking each others messages, would it help prioritise the topic ? if so, we should plan a campaign to get this feature on tado's todo list.

  • what_a_tado
    what_a_tado ✭✭
    edited December 2020

    @Loz from another thread, a Tado employee suggested that their Product managers get an overview of the most upvoted features every month so, somehow, you will need to get more people to vote for it so it moves up the list.

  • @what_a_tado Well, you can up vote what you want but if they have a 1 part time programmer working on this it's gonna take a while.

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