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    The subject on the German forum is below. Specifically, this link is to a statement from the dev team about how they select features to work on:
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  • jamese8
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    Thanks for that. Interesting.

    Though I am kind if giving up after asking for years. Its expensive to ditch tado and move on, but am going to look at options

    And although its not possible I understand for tado to respond to all the chat here, I do think when a feature request has been asked for so many times but so many people, a response might be sensible and courteous.

  • @jamese8 I picked up on your comment about looking elsewhere. Maybe we should start a thread that delves into and investigates other options outside of tado. If tado can’t or won’t give us what we’re asking for, we need to educate one another about other offerings that could potentially provide what we need.

    My guess at the game tado are playing, is that they’re on the verge of releasing new hardware that will be capable of achieving all the functionality we’re asking for in these forums. In which case, that would ultimately be the same as ditching tado and going elsewhere.

    If this isn’t the game tado are playing, they could potentially loose a fraction of their customer base.

    Have you come across any other offerings that give individual geofencing at individual device level??
  • jamese8
    jamese8 ✭✭✭

    is the simplest way to just allow an individual user to:

    toggle on or off a switch named say 'my geofencing'

    then allow each user to select which rooms they geofence.

    if a room has anyone at home and selected for geofencing then its on. If not then the room is off.

  • As above, I think it would be a great money saving feature to set time schedules based on the number of people at home.

    It could be allowing us to create a schedule for 1, 2 or 3 people etc or maybe a customisable time extension for each person home, for example add 15 minutes to the schedule per person home.
  • Hi Henry

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  • In fact if everyone that posted did that might really help!

  • IFTTT is very straight forward in the app - for Tado I use the location trigger and whenever I exit or enter a certain area (a 150 m circle around my apartment) heating is set to off or back to automation PER ROOM. Very much like the Tados solution. Very easy and intuitive to set up indeed - up to 5 triggers are free

  • Will see if can work it out! 😬
  • Hi Fairchildberlin

    I wonder if you could explain how to do this?

    I went to apple HomeKit and 'add accessory'. I tried adding a radiator thermostat, just as a guess, but the qr code would not scan. And holding near didn't work either..

    Im thinking that is the right thing to do first?

    help appreciated



  • ..need V3+ bridge I all communication via the bridge...

  • Still waiting for an update to make this possible, getting quite frustrated that something so easy to implement still hasn’t been developed yet…
  • If you set up an account with IFTTT, the app is available on the Apple Apple Store (sorry I can’t comment about android).
    The functionality of a location tracking and then performing an action against individual rooms and temperature etc is there.
    Eg if a location is exited, turn off bedroom x, or if a location is entered, turn on bedroom x to a temperature of x degrees.
    You would of course need to set up each individuals phone which is a real pain, but gets around Tado not doing it or listening.
    Once you’ve set up an applet on IFTTT, you can then link it to the Apple shortcuts app (sorry again android users but I’m sure you have something similar) and this allow you to use Siri to voice command the system too, “Hey Siri, heating on downstairs”
  • I’d love this option
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  • I’ve just installed Tado and expected this kind of individual room control for geofencing. Especially as we’re a household with two working parents - since we leave the house to go into the office on different days, we want to be able to turn off the heating in our home office rooms when we’re not there. Seems like an obvious feature to have
  • I agree!

    Even though already the system is surprisingly complex when you explore it - esp from the ist incarnation, whats odd about this feature is that its potentially fuel saving, and its about automation not manual control -set and leave alone - the original premise of tado way back.

    someone mentioned the privacy issue, but dont quite see the issue with that already out of the bag with geofencing by household..

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  • Slightly other way around. When my son is in he never leaves his room unless others are in. I don't need heating anywhere around when he's home on his own.
  • I have the IFTTT app working of sorts (when it bothers to run lol. Been OK today so hopefully working). My next test is to get it on the kids phones to see if that works.

  • @Ksobier you can just do that with exlcude his room from the away mode.

  • You’re asking for a feature in an app, no need to harass people, they’re not arms dealers or politicians.
  • Im in agreement...Understand people get frustrated...

  • Yes implement geofencing per room please!
  • Impressive and disapointing that this does not already exist

  • yes impressive to have such an omission!

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  • I commute and I am away from home 2-4 days a week. My wife and kids are at home. I am voting for this feature.
  • excellent! More votes the better!

  • Tado, this is a really popular feature request that: could save a lot of people money, reduce CO2 emissions, and much of the functionality is already built (geo fencing, per room scheduling etc.).

    What's the problem?

    Do you need more developers? Hit me up, let's get this built!

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