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Hi. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but would be great if you could set-up individual Geofencing capability for each individual Smart Radiator Thermostat. To explain, I am often away from home for several days at a time for work and would like to be able to automatically detect this and shut off the Radiator Thermostat heating in my office. Same for when my kids are away to Uni. The App should detect they are x miles away from home and not heat their bedrooms.

I have just installed Tado and am just finding my way around it, so maybe this is possible and I just haven't found how to do it yet!?

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  • Same here...

    Just found out that the geofencing is only whole-house and not individual user/zone-based

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    This would also be useful for regular guests. They could trigger the Guest room schedule.

  • I would find this feature very useful. Please consider it for an upcoming release. My (grown up) children are often away from home for days/weeks/months at a time. While I can of course adjust the schedules for their rooms manually it would be great if the 'smart' system did I for me.

  • When my son leaves the house, his room zone should be turned off regardless presence of other family members.

    The living room should only turn off when nobody is at home.

    This can be done by have a setting that couples a users phone location to a number of zones iso all phones to all zones
  • I would REALLY love to see that function!

    We are four students living in a shared apartment. Everyone has his own room, so we would definitely benefit from an individualized geofencing. Would be good for our wallet, for our well-being and for climate also, since we're heating with natural gas. Also that's the main point, which makes tado unique, compared to other smart-heating-systems. Tado, why aren't you focusing onto your USP (unique selling point)?

    But as a matter of fact I installed tado three years ago, because this function had been on their former roadmap. So I don't think this will ever come.

  • Hello Tado, on your roadmap last year you have shown that you are planning to implement away/geofencing modes for each room for different users. This would mean that each specific room can be aligned to a specific user for the geofencing. We are 2 seperate parties living in my house (one party each floor) and I would like to activate the away mode on the ground floor for the party A and the away mode for the second floor for party B. Do you have an idea when this feature will be implemented?
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    Here is scenario:

    One building and Two appartments, share one (Vaillant boiler) as common bolier for two apartments. Each appartment has it's own one Tado Smart Thermostat. Each thermostat has its on program/heating schedule. Both Thermostats are connected and are controling one boiler (by Tado support configuration). Some people are living in appartment1 and some are in appartment2. All people have Tado mobile app with Geofencing feature enabled.

    Current Geofencing feature behaviour:

    Only when ALL people (from appartment1 and appartment2) are away from Home, Tado suggests to switch to Away mode for all building (two appartmnets).

    Feature suggestion:

    Please allow as to specfiy which people are living in which appartment (which Tado Smart Thermostat) , so Away function will work per Thermostat (and appartment) and not the whole building. In sam way like currently each Thermostat has its own schedule and temperatures.

    Feature request: implement geofencing, not per building, but per zone

  • Same experience, I hacked it by switching off the Tado geofencing and setting up a HomeKit scenario which even allows you to create a rule "When first/last of these people come/leaves". It is good for differentiating e.g. children room from other rooms, but it has not so granular geofencing settings and somewhat is glitchy sometimes.

  • Same for me, it would be a great addition!
  • Living in a household of 4. All 4 of us have a room no one of the others is using, would be good if the room switches to away mode if that individual leaves the house. Instead of heating every room just because one person is at home
  • Thus exactly the same problem i have. It should standard to assign every person rooms they use and heat only them when at home...
  • I have the same suggestion, my older kids have there own rooms, and if we go out and one of them are in, all the rooms that are unoccupied are still being heated.
  • I dont understand issues like these, its equally hard for me to imagine no one at tado ever considered this (or the reality of babysitters sitting in the cold, or people with multiple addresses, or people working < 5 Km from their home, etc, etc, ), or that they did consider it and after all these years decided not to implement because reasons?

    Its not like these things are complicated. In my own home automation system it takes me maybe 10 minutes to set up, and thats because Im a novice who barely knows what he's doing . Does tado not have any developers left at all? If so, just open source your APIs and let others program it. Tado why do you hate your customers so much?

  • Hi,
    I have the same issue. Would be very nice if this would become a feature.
  • +1 from me.

    I don't see how this should be difficult. They already have the ability to set individual room temperatures, as well as the ability to automatically switch the heating on and off via geofencing. Should be a relatively simple thing to add one more feature by connecting the two?

  • Came here to post this idea. Nice to see it's already there.
  • +1, this really is an important missing feature. I'm not bothering with any smart valves till this possible.

  • I already do this via my Homey automation controller. It can talk to tado plus many other things and has presence detection with multiple users. The tado geofencing is by far the best so my Homey uses that to detect when people are home. I have also added a guest button to Homey that overrides the geofencing when someone is staying with us and is home when we are not.

    One of the benefits of tado providing an API for other controllers to interface to it.

    These features are great so it would be nice to see it built in to tado.

  • Just sent this request to tado support, who told me that it was already in this forum, so let's hope they make this a feature.

  • +1, I think this is important to save cost/energy

  • I have been looking at smart home controllers to create this option. mainly Athom Homey Pro. Apps set up rules that can be used to create the scenario wanted

  • +1! I'd really like to see this feature before the colder months this year
  • +1

    It’s such obvious feature. Assigning persons to their respective rooms and turn off heating/cooling when they leave would be huge improvement

  • I've bought the system for a holiday home I let out, and sometimes stay at myself. I want to be able to heat only the bedrooms that are occupied, and it looks as if I'll have to manually adjust the schedule for those bedrooms on a weekly basis - disappointing to say the least, and the system won't deliver me the savings I anticipated without this feature.

  • One of the reasons I bought into the Tado system was the roadmap and the promise of better functionality, with individual geofencing being the main driver. The lack of promised innovation is so disappointing. Please Tado, pull your fingers out and deliver on your promises.
  • Entirely agree, should tie into the role based access request too.. kids can't change settings but their presence changes setting in their rooms / zones.
  • I contacted Tado probably 3 years ago to ask about this and was told it was on the roadmap and under development. Still waiting and VERY disappointed as I invested in TRVs rather than the basic kit on this basis.

  • I want this too. Essentially it's not saving me enough on heating as it could.