Daikin Heat Pump Compatibility

I am looking for a smart home heating solution and contacted support to assess compatibility for Tado X which states it accommodates under floor systems. Support informed me that Tado X is not compatible with Daikin Altherma R F - EHVH-CB and Daikin ERLQ006CAV3. I would suggest adding compatibility as this is a widely adopted system by new build in Ireland.
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  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin

    Hello @ahehir,

    Daikin products are expected become compatible with tado°X shortly. I encourage you to check again in a month or two.

  • DeveloperRob
    I have a Daikin EDLQ... heat pump and I was told the same; but you can use Tado as an external thermostat; which works well with their TRVs. Digital control would be excellent however
  • krisp
    I am considering installing a heat pump but it doesn't seem that Tado V3 will work directly with any heat pump system I might purchase. What is meant by "you can use Tado as an external thermostat"? Can I use the thermostat provided by the heat pump installer with Tado Radiator Thermostats as stand alone devices?
  • ahehir

    Thanks @Emcee. It would be great to be notified here when compatibility is available as I am actively looking at replacing my heating management system now and need to make a decision sooner rather than later.