Support multiple schedule configurations such as spring etc..



  • I think it would add a great deal of value to the product. But I can live without it.

    Still getting to grips with the whole system so in no rush for that.

  • mikk
    It may be unrealistic to cover all needs of all users as it would require a script or other way of programming.
    But it should be relatively easy to save named schedules for the entire house so that they could be chosen from a list and activated.
    That would allow an easy return to "normal" after a modification ( visitors, holiday, working from home), and also quick manual switching between e.g. even and odd weeks, or autumn and winter.
  • Xtremeblaze
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    I've found at different times of the year I need different schedules. Autumn can be just at night or summer just hot water. There isn't currently enough flexibility in the existing schedules and not practical to edit each devices schedule. Having the ability to have multiple schedules and possibly grouping would give you greater flexibility when scheduling.
  • I agree with @Xtremeblaze, I have an older property and need a different schedule in summer than winter. It’s a pain have to adjust the schedule. I have a Mill Heat app which can save multiple programs for an electric WiFi heater, it’s great.

    @GrayDav4276 i don’t understand the 3 current schedules?
  • @GJ35 there are 3 schedules for each room in the app. You can select/edit each schedule without affecting the others. I use this to give me different schedules for autumn, winter and spring.

  • No, those 3 schedules are not real, since one of them is Mon-Sun ALL days the same, another one is Mon-Fri the same and you can also change Saturday and Sunday and in the last one you can configure each day separately.
  • johnnyp78
    The schedules are definitely real. Maybe something got lost in translation?
  • It should be easier to manage schedules, basically, schedule the schedules. Or, once again, just give the (power)users the local access to have their own decision-making process in place, instead of having to rely on something in the cloud. If homekit is allowed to talk to the bridge, why not allow me to write my own logic...
  • johnbur
    @GrilledCheese2 yes, there are three available schedules per room, but it is barely a useable workaround for different seasons? Having to go into each room to change is a real pain.
    It cannot surely be difficult to provide named schedules, with the ability to change with one button - eg 'change all rooms to winter schedules'?
  • So this idea have been around for more than 3 years now... I could add more scenario to the thing, but I guess there are enough.

    It's been upvoted a lot and is quite high in the list, do we have an official answer on this one being under development or review?

  • @CyrilC they don’t care about their customers so probably no. Imagine that this subject is upvoted a lot and, even more than this, the range extender, probably the most upvoted one. Anyway, their new mega reveal this year was basically the same product, but on black. Excellent decision makers in tado.
  • This multiple schedules feature would be incredibly useful right now. Being able to switch between something like an Autumn Mode and Winter Mode, or hit a button and go into a ‘cold snap’ mode would be awesome. Just literally have it switch to a whole new schedule but save the old one.

  • johnbur
    @GrayDav4276 agreed, but I refer to my comment on 8th November...
  • Schedules per room is not the requested feature, please read careful what is asked.

  • I think JohanHWB nails it above. We have a spare room that is also our study. If I’m at the office with no guests the heating should be off all day. If I’m home working then the heating should be on in the day. And if we have guests then the heating should be on at night so it’s warm to sleep in. The ability to add a per room, rather than me having to edit them manually each time we switch between uses of the room would be great.
  • Staycation / Bank holiday mode would be nice. Just allow a specific time period to be an everyday version of an already programmed time period.

    E.g. from 1 Jun to 5 Jun make everyday a Sunday.

    I had an old digital timer that managed that so I don’t see why Tado would find it difficult 😉
  • ldoodle
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    I've seen this thread evolve over the years (think I have a reply here already) and there does seem to be a difference of opinion 😄

    This subject came back to me recently and I had a thought for the feature name the other day: "Seasons". My tado system is like this:

    1) Main tado thermostat in living area room, with 2 radiators in the same "room" each with tado TRVs

    2) 4 other radiators all with tado TRVs. One of these is the bathroom

    3) 1 radiator with no TRV at all (this acts as my systems "bypass")

    4) My schedule is pretty simple: Mon-Sun with the same time blocks for each room.

    In the winter, I want all elements to come on and go off with their respective schedules, open window detection etc. But in the summer I want only the bathroom radiator to come on and go off with its respective schedule, open window detection etc. (plus the "bypass" radiator since I have no control over this one)

    I don't believe there is currently a way to do this, other than leave everything off and controlling the bathroom manually. So:

    1) Provide a method of creating Seasons that are completely customizable by the user, e.g. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, or just Summer, Winter

    2) tado elements can belong to multiple seasons, or none at all

    3) Season schedules are completely customizable by the user, e.g. my Summer/Winter split basically follows clock changes

    4) The Season has the heating time blocks. Elements in a given Season inherit that schedule. If an element is in multiple Seasons then it's pretty self explanatory: when within the date range of a Season then that schedule is used, so for me my Summer and Winter seasons would still be Mon-Sun with the time blocks I currently have, but since only the Bathroom is in the Summer season only that one gets called to action during the date range of the Summer Season

    That doesn't seem like an awfully complicated feature to develop, since it's only adding the Season layer on top of what's already there. Rather than completely re-inventing the system.

  • Kds51h
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    I've been watching this thread for well over a year. They are useless in working on suggestions.

    This facility should not be very difficult for Tado to implement as we already have different schedules for Everyday (the same), Mon-Fri + Sat & Sun and Everyday (different).

    Come on Tado pull your finger out (I'm going to put a poor review on the App and comment they are rubbish in responding). Maybe it lots of us comment on the poor response they may take notice.

  • Hi All, I’m a novice with Tado and first time in this community so I might have missed some development on this thread.

    Has it really been YEARS that Tado have ignored such a valid request for improvement? Amazing!!!

    I get the feeling Tado are waiting until enough people register their discontent before they deem it worthwhile to address the problem.

    In another part of the community forum maybe ‘Suggestions’ site, there is a request for this functionality and the Votes are currently at 49.

    Does anyone know how many votes are needed to get some attention from Tado?

    Kds51h - your last post was back in December 2022, it’s now February 2024, have you had any reaction at all?

    Come on Tado, are you listening?

  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    @TadNube take a look at the top two suggestions that both have around 500 votes.
    Both are much more fundamental and important, but nothing from Tado for 5 years...
    ... don't hold your breath
  • @johnbur , thanks for the reply. Subsequent to my initial post I did find another discussion thread on the same subject of Scheduling options and that is up to 290 votes.

    What with the two suggestions of 500 votes each, the 49 I found plus the 290 I just mentioned, that is well over a reasonable 1k of interested parties asking for action.

    I wonder what Tado’s threshold is before they choose to listen?

  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    @TadNube as far as I can tell, sadly tado don't monitor these forums at all anymore.
  • @johnbur , well, the lady on the Tado Help Desk advised me this, “I kindly ask you to leave your feature request in the tado° Community, so it can be discussed and voted on by our Community members. That feedback then helps us determine what we should change, and which features we should develop further.”

    I guess if Tado never monitor, they are not aware of these requests, so there can’t be any demand! Job done.

  • AndrewM
    AndrewM ✭✭✭

    As of 3rd Feb 2024, it seems like loads of similar requests in addition to this one (291 votes) that I can find with a quick search of the forum...

    Allow additional schedules in addition to Home and Away (29 votes)

    Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter settings (49 votes)

    Winter/Summer (9 votes)

    Winter, Autumn, Summer Schedule (3 votes)

    Summer/Winter Mode (16 votes)

    Zones or Seasons (3 votes)

    TOTAL of at least 400 votes (but seems like there's another one with over 290 votes based on previous comment) so come on Tado, please put this on your backlog to be actively looked at how you can do this for your customers. Looks like there are well getting on for 1000 votes for this/similar feature requests.

  • CyrilC
    Maybe we could go on marketplaces (Amazon…) and put a bad review as a protest, linking to this message. I guess we would have more leverage than a message in a pseudo community uservoice.