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Support multiple schedule configurations such as spring etc..



  • Chapstar37
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    My requests are simple as others have said.

    Have assignable presets that can be shared across devices. (if using a seasonal preset make the app have a suitable background or colour scheme.. I. E.. Blue snowflake backdrop for winter, golden brown leaf autumn, daffodil yellow and cyan for spring, orangey red sunshine pic for summer.. So you can see immediately which mode the app is in. Have default mode (tado colours) and have user custom schemes then...

    I. E. Create five or so presets. Eg WINTER HOLIDAY, SUMMER HOLIDAY etc.. Set your operating Windows.. (days and times), set your parameters. On temp/off temp and min or max duration for boosts), geofencing, window detection etc.

    Set a master (for group control)

    And save. Have an Assign to option to send to multiple groups or radiators from the preset editor as well as an Adopt option to select a preset (or custom) from the devices window.

    Have a pin option to pin heat settings to device profiles in multi user households with a hierarchy so geofencing is applied but the most senior user takes precedence when in home mode and next highest iif senior is away.

    Allow custom and pre-sets to be calendar and environmentally mapped.
    I. E. Option to assign summer to a set period so all the devices switch to that setting on may 15 and switch to Autumn on Sep 15..
    Allowing environmental control to be turned on or off in that preset. I.e outside temp/humidity above or below.. And boost duration would make it completely smart.

    Allow linking to:

    Smart external tank thermostat.
    Smart outdoor thermostst
    As well as indoor thermostats to get live information. (external weather could be a smart weather station which shares data for all users.. Which Tado could sell anonymously to other service providers and offer incentives - (like waze for heating and cooling)

    Tado should pair with someone like Tapo/Kasa and have one app, one interface for everything, home security, lighting and heating.. So we have less apps, less memberships and a greater user experience.

    I forgot to Change my settings.

    Some rooms are set to 21 and some 18.5.the smart schedule only shows timeliness by device. I want an overview.

    When heating was scheduled.. Was it during a scheduled water heating period. Did any units call for heat and how long was the boiler running for.


    Can we have a cycle function. Like frost protection for summer. 10 minutes of heat on all units once a week to circulate the system. Pref when in away mode or overnight.
  • xfield

    I'd like to understand how the weather compensation works within Tado. If a room's temperature is just below the required temperature in one room, the boiler fires up and heats it furiously until the room is far too hot - even though outside could be bright and sunny. I know the TRVs can work at three levels, so why not just heat slowly?

    As to some extra suggestions, the first ever wireless thermostat I had (the Honeywell CM927) had three very useful options:

    1. A day off button - use to flip the current days schedule to Sunday, ideal for bank holidays, holidays or sick days. At midnight the normal programme would resume (say back to Tuesday).
    2. A party button - use to extend the current setting for one or more hours. Ideal if you know the heating will soon be changing to night settings, but you've decided to stay up late (so in my case I want the rooms downstairs to stay warm, and the rooms upstairs don't need heating yet). Once the set number of hours passed, the programme would resume to the time and day it was.
    3. A holiday button - Tado already surpasses this one thanks to the geolocation setting the away setting.

    The day off and party functions were so simple to use, and fit most requirements to temporarily override the programme. Each could be applied either to the whole system, or just a selected room in the same way the resume, off and boost buttons do now.

  • Paras
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    Happy to see this coming to fruition as I've asked for this many years ago (having been a Tado user since launch).

    Key things for me:

    • quick set of presets that I can switch to (I would say allow minimum 3 as I would at least use school holidays, summer and winter); each preset should allow a full independent schedule for each device just like the regular schedule does (in effect, multiple of what I can do now)
    • geolocation takes care of when we are away BUT sometimes we have a guest at home; so a quick geolocation on/off toggle would be good. What would be even better is if someone in the house controls something manually - even just pressing the button a wall stat - that triggers this to be turned off and for the app to tell me it's done so
    • hot water is troublesome; I would like that to come on/off based it's own geo distance setting (configurable, but I would set it to 10 miles). So if I am further away it assumes I am away and stays off. But if I am near assume that I will be coming back and need hot water. This is different from heating - heating is required there and then, but the hot water is on a schedule for use later and stored in a tank so it needs to come on at the right time.

  • Lyske


    I work in shifts, 06:00-14:00/14:00-22:00/22:00-06:00

    It would be handy for people working in shifts to set up a few smart schedules so that they can pick which ever one they need on that certain day.

    I just installed Tado and I'm already dreading the idea that I will have to check/change my settings regularly due to these shift changes.

    Like when I'm working night shift but sleeping during the day I don't need any heating until I wake up at 15:00. For the other shifts I could work with the geolocation feature and turn of the heating manually whenever I go to bed. But this seems a lot of work for a 'smart' thermostat.

    It would be nice to save multiple schedules and be able to select the one which is needed that certain day.

    Even for people not working in shifts ;)

  • First thing that would make a big difference is letting individual users set their own schedules. I think that's relatively simple as it shouldn't need the backend system changing drastically. Then where there's conflict the system defaults to On and the warmest set temperature.

    This would address most issues caused by multiple users having different occupancy patterns, which becomes a problem where there are multiple zones.

    The current setup assumes a single zone, if anyone's home turn it on. But where you have multiple zones it then matters who is home. Quick simple example; both me and my wife work at home, my wife doesn't work on a Wednesday. So we have it setup to heat just the floor we work on during the day in the week, but on a Wednesday if my wife is home the downstairs should heat too and if she goes out it should go back to just the floor I'm then working on.

    After that, what's missing for me is the ability to pick up exceptions other than those that can be triggered by geolocation. Eg my parents won't install the app, but they're often here with the kids on their own in the winter. Can you pick up that from my Calendar, give me a Visitor schedule that I can set or something like that?

  • Jurian

    @paulrockliffe Thanks for your suggestion! I think you are describing "Geofencing per room" or "Geolocation per room" feature. There should be a topic about that in this forum also.

  • +1 I'd love something where i could have seasonal schedules and some sort of guest mode/schedule for the spare bedroom

  • Would definitely like to see options for multiple schedules. Ideally with the ability to set for whole house or an individual room, and with a choice of how long i.e. by time e.g. hours/days or until manually changed by the user (similar to existing manual changes) and with user specified names. This would cover scenarios such as guests (change a bedroom setting for x number of days), bank holidays or shift work (change whole house for required number of days), changing seasons (change whole house until next changed by user). Simple selection from a drop-down list of user's schedule names, leading to subsequent drop-down of until changed/days/hours, with days/hours then requesting a number.

    Not sure if technically schedule related, but one other thing I would like to see is some sort of day-to-a-view where I could see all rooms in my house for, as a minimum 'today', but possibly by day selection, so I can see an overview of how my rooms coordinate within my house on a given day.
  • Hi Tado team,

    Any update on the improvement of the schedules?

    I would love biweekly schedules, as I don't have a weekly rhythm with kids and work. Would same me and the environment a bunch.
  • l’m new to the tado° system and bought in assuming that multiple schedules would be a given in any smart heating control system. It's frustrating, to put it mildly, to discover that the software comes nowhere close to providing this basic functionality! I see that copy/paste schedule building has just been written into the Android app, which is another feature that I would have expected to find in the initial build.

    The tado° hardware is so capable and pleasingly designed it slightly beggars belief that the software is so rudimentary in that respect. We can only hope that tado° make up for missing these opportunities that a smart system provides, by putting resources into developing this asap.

    Looking at the timeline of the forum posts and the minimal input from tado°, hello Jurian, I’m not confident that this is being taken as seriously as it should be? Please tell me I’m wrong!

  • Vamp

    Hello there,

    My idea is add a "summer maintenance" mode. In the mode, at summer, the tado radiator valves move it from min. to max. state about once a month. (without do a heating request)

  • K_T
    In addition the external temperature could be a dynamic trigger - e.g. turn off the system completely when outside temperature is above 17 degrees.
  • SVL
    edited October 2021

    @GrilledCheese2 Great suggestions! Personally, I don't think you ask 'too much'. Should be doable to allow for limit programming programming on Tado's end. Sticking it under 'advanced schedules' should allow for making it slightly more complicated than the rest of the interface.

    I'd like to add two more:

    • Make them user dependent: User X is not at home not heat bedroom/office Y.
    • Allow a timer for a schedule before reverting back to another (or a predefined standard?) schedule.

    (and yes I'm aware these two ideas are not new and have been mentioned before)

    I might even break a lance for allowing a lot of programmability in an external IFTTT-like webapp. Like the API, only a fraction of the users can read it, but the community always provides. A bit like the Android app Tasker, which most users can probably only use the basic functions, but you can download a ton of scripts which allow - well -pretty anything you want to do with Tasker. In all honesty, I think chances for this to happen are remote but..please just don't limit the functionality too much in order to dumb it down.

  • K_T

    Good suggestion @SVL

    I was literally thinking yesterday about the "guest present" temporary setting. It would be separate from one discussed in the other thread. This one could be simply a temporary override in a manner you described for timed schedules (e.g. I know I have guests over the weekend so while I normally keep guest bedroom cold, I'd like it to be active over this weekend only.

    I have tried to achieve similar with my home office by presence/motion sensor linked to Alexa, but the problem there is that it was unable to set a "mode" - while it was fine for turning temperature on - while no motion/presence was detected I was only able to revert it back to "off" (or other fixed setup) rather than usual schedule.

  • My house has floor heating and is very well isolated. Because floor heating is a very slow way of heating a room, I have set my 'Away' temperature to only 3 degrees less than normal. If I would allow it to cool down more, it will take a very long time to warm up when I get back. I would like to have an extra 'Holiday' option besides the existing 'Home / Away' options. When I am leaving for a short stay I would select 'Away' but when leaving for a longer period I would select 'Holiday' and allow my house to cool down a lot more than the 3 degrees.

  • multiple schedule feature would be great.

    @tado_mod I am new here. Can you give me a rough estimate of when such feature couple be available? are we talking weeks? months? year?

  • The different smart schedules need the ability to turn geofencing on and off individually too. For instance, with our geofencing turned on and me and my partner out for the evening, the heating will turn off. We need a babysitter mode so the kids and sitter aren't freezing :D

  • johnbur
    @mr_reamer Is that not the same as setting geofencing to home mode?
    Or, are you looking for geofencing for an individual room?
  • The current scheduler is pretty static and does not allow for quick, easy and occasional changes.

    For example:

    • What if you work from home, where usually you would be away: The scheduler follows the normal pattern, causing the house not to be heated. Would be great if I could update the schedule for a single day.
    • What if the kids have a holiday. During that week I don't want to have to update the normal schedule, but only change that single week.

    Right now I make a distinction between two states: Someone is home/in the room and nobody is home/in the room. Would be great if I could create templates per room and then specify for each day what template is valid for that room and even make a selection between "a normal schedule" and a "one time update of the normal schedule"

  • AndrewM

    I suspect that some of the original request has got lost in the noise. A couple of important points that I would like to restate about my perspective, and hopefully catching some of the others (especially for those who may not have read the whole thread yet) ...

    1. If you have more than one thermostat, ANY change between the three different schedules, and/or change to temperatures needs multiple clicks - there really needs to be a "master" schedule of schedules to allow easy changes for the whole house.
    2. Personally we find that we are constantly having to "tune" Tado especially in a couple of rooms, depending very much on the weather (seems to be related as much to moisture as outside temperature), how sunny it is and the season (how hot the sun is)... my partner is super sensitive to temperature differences and can sense a drop of less than 0.5C! and having to write down settings to be able to go back to them when the season/weather changes is not exactly automation!

    The idea of having different settings for different seasons (plus some of the other requests like working from home, etc.) is: (a) to have a very simple switch FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE between scenarios, maybe even with the option to automate this by season or weather, etc. and (b) have the ability to tune the settings over time in each scenario and then "lock them in" for future use.

  • I have read though all of the comments here, and have the following to add/summarise.

    For me, the scheduler is currently functional, but so dated in it’s thinking. It’s as if we’ve forgotten this is an app, limited only by our imagination and will, because we are basically replicating the approach of the simplest digital timeclocks from the late eighties. Be ashamed people, lead the charge and change the world.

    Think about the user. Firstly, you are selling a zoned solution, capable of controlling every single room independently. If I purchase a radiator valve, I am already saying ‘this room needs to be different’. Whether that is because it’s a guest room, or you now work from home in that room is immaterial. Secondly, we no longer live in the eighties, our lives are fluid in ways we could never have imagined back then. Nine to five is gone for many, shift work, hybrid working, kids at college and university, caring for parents or others, the changing demands are everywhere.

    How would I approach this ?

    I would create a library for ‘Demand Profiles’. A Demand Profile describes the temperature demands for any single zone for a 24 hour period (midnight to midnight). It has two modes (Home and Away for geofencing). To capture a request from another thread, each temperature slot in the profile can be marked as ‘Desired’ or ‘Required’; where ‘Desired’ slots make no active demand to the boiler, but will open valves to scavenge heat if the boiler is active already, whereas ‘Required’ demands the boiler activate.

    I would allow the new Truly Smart Schedule to operate in either ‘Routine’ (weekly repeat) mode or ‘Flexible’ (calendar based). This is important, allow users with a routine and rhythm to their life to program in a simple structured way that feels familiar, whilst providing a fluid and flexible approach to households driven by calendar planning and sudden change.

    To schedule in ‘Routine’ mode; Select the zone, the day of the week and the demand profile required.

    To schedule in ‘Flexible’ mode; Select the zone, date/time to start, date/time to stop and the demand profile required.

    Every zone has a basic ‘Routine’ schedule defined (or maybe just a Frost Protection default). ‘Flexible’ operates as an override in preference to the routine behaviour.

    Wrapped around the new Truly Smart Schedule, the Geofence needs some tweaking. Each geofence user needs to have zones assigned to them. If all users of a given zone leave, that zone drops into ‘Away’ mode.

    I believe that this basic approach provides a massive step forward in flexibility. If I prefer to stay with simple routine-based programming, I can quickly switch to an alternate Demand Profile as the routine changes for school holidays, visitors or such, then switch back later, all with minimal effort. I no longer need to remember my preferred set-up and recreate it later.

    Flexible mode provides the basis for ultimately linking zones to calendar apps or other external triggers potentially. It certainly allows shift workers and commercial travellers to plan ahead reliably.

  • I agree with the suggestions above and would like Profiles e.g working from home, holiday mode, at work mode (keep the dogs room radiator on)
  • Simple multiple profiles/schedules would be really useful. As a worker on rotating shifts it's a real pain manually changing individual rooms schedules and temperatures every four days. The recently introduced copy room function doesn't to it for me as I have different room parameters in every room.

  • Andreplusplus

    What I would like:

    • Ability to create any number of named schemes.
    • Modify scheme, including its name
    • Delete scheme
    • Assign a named scheme to a room (or multiple rooms)
    • Set a date/time when the next scheme becomes active for a room (like now it is scheme A, switch to scheme B next monday at noon)
    • Copy/clone a scheme
    • Copy a day in a scheme to another day in same scheme (like copy Mon to Tue, or copy Mon to Tue, Wed and Fri)
    • Have a ‘holiday scheme’ with settings per room which you can activate until a certain date/time at which point the current scheme is reinstated. So you can say “We are away until Sunday Dec 5, 17.00). In my case it would be 17 degrees for living room and Frost protection in all other rooms, which should be adjustable per room.