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Summer mode

When summer comes, the valves should stay in open position. With the currently available modes, specially referring to "OFF", the valves stay closed. This is dangerous for the valves themselves, risk to get stucked, and for the pumps of the boilers which run periodically to prevent pump lock due to long inactivity.

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  • i have post a new thread with the same idea last year on the italian community

    Have 50 upvote, i try write here maybe the english section have more tado employee can implement this

    but i have just little hope, because some users say that is around 3/4 years they have to implement

  • Did this for the same reason: have some more visibility.


  • It is also useful in case of several Thermostats. If by this system we are focusing of money saving, it is not acceptable to run heating while AC cooling the room under the winter target temperature.

    For radiator thermostats a stuck prevention would be also great. Open and close valves in every 2-3 weeks.

  • I was suprised that this isnt a feature on Tado.

    Migo has this, but when I used Migo i had old school radiator thermostats that I could simply open fully during summer when the heater was off.

    So yes ...

    A summer/winter function which turns of the heating function of my boiler (or enters a summer mode) AND opens up all the valves.

  • Could this be a workaround:

    • Set your heater to 'off' for the heating (i can leave the hot water function on)
    • Twist off all TRV's, that way the valve remains fully oppen (correct?)
    • Set a new shedule preset (use of the three options that isnt in use for example) with a low temperature so there is no heat being requested.

    To be clear: I'd rather like to see this implemented as a software feature/setting in the app instead of doing this manually :)

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