Useless? Tado with Air Source Heat Pump

Currently got a combi boiler with Tado
thermostat and radiatorr valves around the house. Works great and help turn on/off the boiler when needed.
However now considering to upgrade to an air source heat pump system. I understand that the thermostat and TRVs would still be working and compatible but what's the point ? I thought that the air source heat pump works better by working ALL THE TIME but following a curve based on the outside temperature and maintain that temperature inside your home where you feel comfy.
So what does using TADO bring in such system?
Or am I missing something?

Anyone have experience with that or can explain me potential advantages/disadvantages?



  • I've just had my ASHP for a few days and trying to find that level where it is running almost continuosly and therefore at its most efficent.

    You will still have some rooms which warm up faster (maybe bigger radiators) than others and cool faster (large windows) than others so TRV's are needed.

    The heat pump does need to be able to heat your house not just maintain the current temperature otherwise it would never actually get warm. When the house is at that perfect temperatire it needs to to either stop heating completly or lower the temperature of the water so it just maintains the warmth. As you said the curve is based on the outside temperature which means you would need to adjust water temperature manually when you want to switch from heating to maintaining.

    If you don't have Tado then you would just have the single zone controlled by the ASHP controller which would just get the temperatire warm in that specific part of the house but may leave other rooms cold or heat others too much.

    I would stick with the Tado as you have it already. However, you may find just having the Smart TRV's is all you need to cap the temperature when some rooms get too warm and just set the the ASHP controller to provide heat at all times by setting that at a temperature it's zone will not reach.

    Unfortunately with ASHP it's not simple as plug and play.

  • Thanks! Really useful info.
    The company shall be able to let us know the best way of connecting our Tado trvs with or without the extension kit and thermostat.
    That makes sense to be able to get more temperature control zones and therefore should help in a way.
  • It's all going to be what works for you. I found even with doing heat loss calculations and new radiators to match the size of what they want they set the leaving water temperature too high.

    So they have an approximation of how your house heats but when it is actually running thats when you'll truly find out.

    You can also run the Smart TRV's so they don't call for heating (not tried myself but read in another thread) so another option for you, some able to call for heating and some just capping.

    Lots of tweaking to be done but as my wife says, I've got a new toy.

  • Have radiators up stairs zone, underfloor downstairs each room zoned with heatmiser thermostat manually controlled. Mitibushi ecodan heatpump never shutdown providing efficient heating except upstairs. Require remote controlled WiFi TRV for one radiator only of 5 as bedroom is located above coldest room largely unused.
    Why is best tado trv? Does trv require wall programmer?