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I noticed that my Taod TRV's are on different firmware revision levels. Some are at 54.9, others at 54.12. My Tado Thermostat is at 54.8.

I can not find any options to manually start an upgrade to the lates firmware. I believe this should happen automatic. I wonder then why not all my devices are upgraded at the same time. Also, can't find any info on revisionlevels, what problems do they fix or which improvements do they provide. Would be nice to get some info on that.

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  • Thanks, odd place to put an update button. I wonder what it has to do with HomeKit. Strange thing is that one of my valves is not responding in HomeKit, while it is connected in the Tado app. But while it is not responding to HomeKit, the update button is also not available. However, I was able to update some of the valves.

  • How about users who aren't using Apple Homekit? Is there an option to upgrade firmware for Android users too - V3 app? I also have some TRVs on 54.9 and others on 54.12.

  • I really don't know. I did a reset of Homekit on the internetbridge, removed the bridge from Homekit, added it again and then assigned all theTVR's to the rooms they are in. From then on the updates worked, and now they are all at 54.12 So it seems the updates were held back because the non responding status in Homekit. Tado supports Google Home too, and also Google assistant i believe, but i have no knowledge about that. But I think a firmware upgrade facility should not be depending on an external platform like Homekit or Google or Alexa. The update button is clearly placed in the wrong location.

  • Thank you for the detailed reply. I agree the update should be under the control of Tado's app, not a third party hub. I have Amazon Alexa and I have set it up to control each room, but I cannot see any equivalent upgrade settings in the Alexa app settings. Perhaps re-setting the internet bridge will help as you suggest. I will also see what I can do with Google Assistant on my phone...

  • A slightly dormant thread but I will reawaken it.

    I've just had this same issue and spoke to tech support. They tell me that some TRVs are firmware 54.9 and others are 54.12 dependent upon date of production - thus some are V3 and others V3+.

    There is no way of checking visually which TRV is which. The only difference is the firmware.

    I expressed a concern that some of my 'new' TRVs will be unsupported in six months but tech support reassured me that won't happen. These two products will be updated in parallel.

    Which begs the question.....why not align them both to the same firmware...?

  • What are people’s current firmware versions for their V3+ TRVs, Smart Thermostats, Bridge and Extension Kit. Strangely the firmware version numbers for my kit differ in number from what they say under the device details on tado device section to the HomeKit section- HomeKit numbers are lower and don’t seem to change...
    But according to tado device section, my versions are:
    TRVs: 66.1
    Smart Thermostats- Vertical: 58.9
    Bridge: 60.6
    Extension Kit: 64.6
  • I thought the bridge determine the V3 or V3+ version. And I thought the rad thermostat will work with any bridge.
  • I've just installed a whole system in my house - 10 x Smart Radiator Thermostats, a Smart Thermostat and an Extension Kit.

    Although the TRV's and Smart Thermostat is all from V3+ packs, I separately bought a V3 Bridge and Extension Kit on ebay. The App believes my system is a V3 (so it detects the open windows etc.)

    TRV's - 66.1

    Smart Thermostat - 67.2

    Internet Bridge - 60.6

    Extension Kit - 31.13

    Everything is working in perfect harmony :)

  • Today, Tado Support pushed a Firmware update to my Extension Kit and it's now up to 64.6

    So yes, Tado Support need to PUSH the update

  • championcchampionc
    edited September 3

    Just an update

    TRV's - 66.1

    Smart Thermostat - 67.2

    Internet Bridge - 60.7

    Extension Kit - 71.1

    App version 5.13.0 (1500513004)

  • ^ basically I concur with the above, except as follows..

    • Extension Kit: mine is still on 64.2
    • Smart AC Control: 60.2
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