Compatibility Buderus Logamax Plus GB162


I own a Buderus Logamax Plus GB162-35 V3 driven by a wired thermostat RC35.

I also have an outdoor temperature sensor.

The boiler heats water for the radiators but also domestic hot water. The domestic hot water is stored in a 200 L tank and it circulates in a water loop on a weekly schedule. 

I consider to replace my thermostat RC35 by a TADO V3+ and to install connected thermostatic valve.

May you confirm that the thermostat TADO V3 will allow me to manage the circulation of the domestic hot water in the loop on a weekly schedule ?

Thank you very much.



  • I would also like to know this. However I assume that Tado nor a customer has ever answered a question at this forum.
  • After having exchanged different emails with the client support, I finally decided to buy a Tado° system. (Internet bridge, wireless receiver, 2 x wireless temperature sensor, 5 x Smart radiator thermostat)

    I installed it and connected it to my Buderus boiler in Dec 2021. Both radiators and domestic hot water are working well.

    Every week, I keep track of gas consumption. After 7 months of use, I estimate to have reduced my gas consumption by around 15%

  • Sounds good. I also found out how to connect the wires. The selection of the buderus Typ was not unique so it showed up a general manual instead of the specific one. I will see how this all will work for me. Just glad to get it run for now.