Extension Kit saying no remote access - but no obvious issues

My app and account is saying there is no remote access to my extension kit - however the 3 lights are all lit on the bridge, I have no internet issues and the devices are paired....the heating and hot water are working - but still I have a red dot against my devices and no remote access next to extension kit - any ideas?


  • Hi. I have the same issue which I spotted yesterday. Internet fine all 3 lights on bridge ok and I’ve gone through the troubleshooting, repaired the extension kit and thermostat and changed the batteries which were fine. I raised an issue with Tado yesterday and did expect to get a reply today however I’m still waiting. Will update if I get anything back.

  • Thanks BJW, in one sense I am glad it's not just me! Let me know what response you get and if it fixes it - I will follow the same steps...it's all very odd!

  • Hi EmHemm an update from yesterday. I still didnt get an answer by lunch today so I rang up the helpline number. Was asked to restart the extension kit a couple of times and reset the bridge all to avail. I was put through to another technical support guy who did a few tests. My extension kit looks ok to him. Although my phone app is showing no remote access (as is the app on wife’s phone and my I pad) I can still control my heating. He suspects it is a server issue which should resolve itself in a day or two, if not he said to get back in touch. Not quite a resolved solution but at least I can control the heating. Not sure if you can do the same. If yours is different suggest you also raise a case or ring the helpline when at home and have time to spare.

  • Now working with me. Showing extension kit ok. You may need to log out then back into your tado account to clear the red dot.

  • Randomly no red dot anymore with me either - and I didn't log out or anything - so clearly a server issue at their end methinks!

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply - there was an issue with some apps not receiving or not displaying information correctly. It has since been resolved and the cause was isolated and remedied.

    Best regards,


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