Support more than 10 rooms and 25 devices

Please can you add support for more than 25 devices and only 10 rooms, with a 5 bedroom house, with ensuites with a number of downstairs rooms, 25 devices is not enough when you want radiator TRVs and smart thermostats in each room. also limiting the total rooms to 10 does not work in this environment either.

Please, please can you resolve this, especially now you have added more devices, we can't buy more devices if you limit the software to only 25 devices.

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    I'm trying to set up 12 rooms, which means that 2 rooms won't call the system to fire. :-(

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    It's not that unusual to have more than 10 rooms in a house. This seems like an arbitrary and unreasonably low limit. Please fix this in a firmware upgrade.

  • I strongly support this change. I have 12 rooms with Thermostats and can not use all of them to call for heat.

  • I agree. This is a big problem for me. I’m having to use standard thermostatic valves on radiators above the limit. And I only have a normal 4 bedroom house in England!
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    Let us buy more of your stuff. Seems like a pretty easy decision.

    If that's too much for a single gateway, having a few of them also allows us to buy more of your stuff.

  • I have 15 rooms, 16 devices.. I just contacted tech support to get them to put the serials into the rooms themselves, but the limit of 10 seems arbitrary and the 25 device limit seems madness to. (I could understand maybe 25 per gateway/bridge module though just for bandwidth).

    Try adding all the devices in one go. That was one long afternoon.

  • I stand corrected. They can create the rooms but they don't contribute to the heating control, i.e. if theyre cold, theyre cold, it takes one of the 10 zones to need heating before then sparking the boiler up..

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    This is massively disappointing. I've just invested a lot of money in expanding my Tado set up to include 8 underfloor heating zones, plus I have 7 rooms with radiator stats.

    My electrician was surprised when we hit the 10 stat limit, so I'm now facing having to change the whole system and selling all the stats at a loss.

    I've seen this has been requested for quite some time.

  • @CWatts: That is exactly the solution I am looking for. Can you please comment on how to implement it? I haven't found any option in the application and technical service is slow (to say the least). Many thanks!

  • I just recently bought tado and saw the 25 device limit so thought we would be ok. Apparently not as we've hit this other 10 room limit. Is this just an arbitrary limit in software or is there an actual hardware limitation on the thermostats?

    The app says to contact support but i've heard nothing for the last week which is annoying as they took only a day to reply to my sales enquiry.

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    Response back from support is that the 10 room limitation is there so the whole system can work correctly... I'm not sure why that's the case tbh.

    I can understand in a very large property that the limitation of having a single bridge becomes an issue but my house is not that large! I'm now forced to choose which rooms to combine and lose the ability to make local changes to the temperature or risk additional rooms (10+) not heating up because they can't ask for heat.

    Honestly, this feels like a software/firmware issue that could be trivially fixed unless it's a hardware limitation of the design of the boiler controller? 10 is an odd number for a hardware constraint though so my guess is that it's an arbitrary software design decision. Either way, I would be happy to upgrade a piece of hardware if it meant the otherwise pretty good system worked as intended.

  • Also, why is this suggestion not 'Active'? Presumably this is why it can't be up-voted?

  • I can understand that people with very large properties may run into problems regarding the 'limits' on devices and rooms. I live in a 3 bedroom house with a family bathroom - dining room - utility room - conservatory - it's not a 'small' property.
    I have 10 Smart Rad Thermostats and 1 Smart wall mounted Thermostat. I have utilised the SMART wall mounted Stat as my 'House' (room)......I decided to have my 'House' (room) as the area of 'normal use' ie...where we live/use normally (as a family). So I have included the two hallway radiators / kitchen radiator / and 1 living room radiator into this 'House' this 'Room/Zone' is controlled by the Smart wall Thermostat. The additional radiator in the living room is controlled by a Smart Radiator Stat.
    All the other rooms are individually controlled by a Smart Radiator Stat. This system works really well and I am very happy with this setup.
  • @GrayDav4276 I agree with your comments, however Tado provide individual TRV's to control individual radiators and I feel

    should allow all to be operated individually.

    Customers shouldn't need to figure a workaround when a granular product is sold but can't be controlled granularly. This is one of the biggest attractions of Tado over almost everyone else on the market.

    We have 14 TRV's covering 11 rooms (still figuring how the 11th room actually works) and have a bunch of rooms where I left the original TRV's as I can't see any benefit to upgrading the TRV if they can't be controlled at a room level.

    There are a whole bunch of reasons why someone may want a room at 18c, another room at 22c and maybe even another room at 30c. Room design, location, insulation, wife is cold :) etc all play a huge part and giving power to the user to manage this themselves is super important.

    I love tado, but also feel I shouldn't have to compromise when buying into an (expensive) ecosystem.

  • What compromises are there with the 10 room limit. This seems very strange
  • You can have more than 10 rooms, but the 11th upwards cannot call for heat. It actually works OK for me - for example I have a loo room with a trv which opens the rad valve at the set temperature, but does not fire the boiler - as soon as another room calls for heat, this rad then heats the room. Happy with that, as I don't really want the boiler running just for this room alone.
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    I registered on the forum for this very reason.

    The arbitrary 10 room limit seems very odd.

    Especially given the ‘solutions’ suggested by support.
  • For you who haven’t seen. They have now removed this stop. You can have up to 25 rooms. The same amount as devices.
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    @ludvigaldrin Many thanks - I had not seen this! Is there an announcement anywhere?
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    Hi @ludvigaldrin,
    Can you tell/show me where you got this information.....I'd like to read about the details.....thank you

    Hey @ludvigaldrin......I noticed that you are a 'brand new member' and this was your first post.....where were you hiding??
  • Call out for.....
    Any response to my question ?? 🤔
  • samd
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    @GrayDav4276 Hi - It seems to have got into the support section without announcement

  • GrayDav4276
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    Please excuse me for being a bit cynical....but the wording is a bit 'wooly'

    "So, in theory.....etc"

    Has anyone (with enough devices) actually tried to allocate more than 10 Tado Rooms, because this is the actual question.
  • samd
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    @GrayDav4276 I agree it could be worded more clearly - what actually happens in practice is probably up against the 'reach' of the bridge - 25 rooms are unlikely to be within spitting distance!

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    @GrayDav4276 I have 13 rooms set up (Support did the extra 3 for me about six months ago) I had to tell them which 10 rooms could 'call for heat' - the other 3 can't.

    However today I notice in room settings a new setting (pretty sure it wasn't there when I last looked....):

    The 10 rooms are assigned the the extension kit, the 3 are not assigned as above.

    Clicking 'Change' give you the option to assign:

    Given it's 2 degrees outside, my life would not be worth living if I break something, so I'm not going to see if more than 10 rooms can be controlled right now.....

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    @johnbur Just for the benefit of others, I think the screen dumps you have shown are not available on phone app.

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    @samd Hmmm - these options show on the android app - maybe not on iphone?

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    @johnbur Thanks and my apologies but they don't on my android app!

  • johnbur
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    @samd how strange - shows at the bottom of each room settings for me on web and android (heating zone)

  • Sorry.....but I'm still yet to be convinced.
    It's not exactly 25 Tado Rooms if the Rooms in excess of 10 can't call for heat......then it's not a "full" system imho

    I will have to wait and see, sounds like a bit of a 'play on words' to me.

    Where are the people who were calling for this as a high priority......and why didn't Tado make a big announcement about this.

    My cynicism has not yet been repealed atm.