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Some questions before buying

So we are 1 week away from getting a new boiler and cylinder and need to make a decision on the thermostat and leaning towards Tado.


Is there a practical way to overcome the problem with incorrect TRV readings next to radiators? As I understand it, this is one of the main issues.


Can you operate the app/system remotely whilst being away? (Say when you want to switch it back on 1 day before coming back from holidays)

I see conflicting comments about this online, with some saying that Tado will only automatically decide when you are back based on the location services that are part of the subscription service. This seems OK in some cases - say when out to a restaurant, etc. - but a bit silly when you are coming back after a week or two of holidays and may want to switch it manually?


Do you have to subscribe to Tado's monthly service and if not, then is the system severely limited in functionality?


Given the likely limitations, would it be fair to say that Tado is best used in combination with 'standard' system? So say we have 17 rads, 3 floors. We would then get Tado thermostat and a few TRVs only in the rooms that we use during the day (kitchen, office) whilst heat the rest of the house on standard/manual TRVs in the morning and evening when everyone is back in? (and switch on/off certain rooms, e.g. guest bedroom with manual TRVs for the time when someone is in).


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    #1 I believe the problem with the TRVs relates to using a vertical mount device on top of a vertical water pipe (I had this problem). Users with the horizontal mount devices, which are to the side of the water pipe and further from the radiator are less likely to have the problem.

    #2 Providing you have an internet connection you can manually control the temperature from anywhere in the world. There’s also the option to control the location e.g. set the system to home mode when you are away from the home. Not sure if you need a subscription for this, as I’ve always had the premium service.

    #3 The subscription is optional. It obviously means you don’t have auto mode with the geolocation, but you get the other functionality except for open window detection.

    #4 Difficult to answer this one. I had a poor experience with the initial smart TRVs that I trialled in my system. In the end I removed the smart TRVs and paid a plumber to split my pipework into zones. I now have multiple wall stats and use manual TRVs to switch off the rooms that are used infrequently.

  • Thank you. Very helpful.

    At the end, I researched a bit more and I don't think we would be making too much use from the smart thermostat feature. We do have a big house however, with single glazed windows (conservation area), which is always tricky to heat between different rooms. So all in all, we are going for EvoHome with individual TRVs... Let's see. I don't like the look of their TRVs as much as Tado, but if you focus on reliability + practicality, then it seems like Evo is a way to go (and the plumber we have has much more experience installing it, so at least I will have peace of mind he will plug it all correctly along with the whole new system).

    Thanks again though!

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