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Please bring back “Until next automatic change” in the app manual mode

With the release of App version 5.11 that aligns the UI of V3 and V3+ You have have removed a feature that I found really useful. With the old app I could set a temperature in manual “Until next automatic change”. It would remain in this mode until either a Smart Schedule event occurred, OR I LEFT HOME, see image.

With the new app, I don’t have this option. I can set the manual mode “Until next time block” but if I leave the house before then it remains in that manual mode. My phone detects that I have left the house OK but it doesn’t return to automatic mode like the old app did. There is no equivalent of “while someone is at home”.

That means that if I leave the house with a room in manual mode, I have to remember to return it to auto mode or the heating stays on while I am away. It is not as convenient as the old app so I wanted to know if you are planning to update the new app to provide this helpful functionality?

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  • I don’t understand removing one of the most appropriate automations in a system designed around increasing efficiency
  • I agree 100%, but because other features have disappeared too.

    Also very annoying that the app updated automatically without any prompting from me and removed one of the most used features.

    I regularly switch off rooms and then just reactivate the programming by either setting the 'next automatic change' or until cancelled by user.

    This seems to have disappeared and it looks like I have to deal with time blocks to shut down or reactivate.

    Surely this is not right and I have missed something?

  • HGBHGB ✭✭✭
    Couldn't agree more!
  • I am shocked that this is not in what was previously a paid app upgrade. What gives?
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