iPhone/Siri Shortcuts Support

TADO application doesn't appear in Siri/iPhone shortcuts. This application is very powerfull and, though complicated to use, can do much more than IFTTT in the Apple world. Tado must support Siri shortcuts.

Homekit is obviously supported and a few (very limited) number of things can be done that way.

Please support me.

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  • I completely agree! I want a Shortcuts option to turn on water heating, which would get around HomeKit's lack of support for that.

  • Recently got a tado and was missing this feature for hot water control via Siri
  • Totally agree this would be a superb addition

  • This would be a superb integration. Failing that, being able to ask Siri to turn the hot water on/off would be a welcome addition too.

    Come on tado, make this happen!
  • Adding support for shortcuts would be very useful. Switching modes on my ac unit for example.
  • Is there any hope or answer from Tado regarding this?

  • Stargazer
    edited December 2021
    I’m finding the HomeKit integration quite lacking, but Siri Shortcuts would work wonderfully.