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viessmann vitocal 100-a heat pump optimizer


I see the viessmann vitocal 100-a is not compatible with the heat pump optimizer, do you know if this is going to be added soon to the compatibility list or it might never happen?




  • Emcee
    Emcee Admin
    edited May 15

    Hello @dalmata22

    The only thing I can tell you for sure is that tado° is doing its best to make a wide range of heat pumps compatible. Currently, we are hard at work to add Daikin to the list of compatible heat pumps, in addition to the already compatible brands: Atlantic, Vaillant, Saunier Duval, and Fujitsu.

    It is likely Veissman is also going to be made compatible, but I cannot say when with absolute certainty.

    Since tado° X is only going to be available in the UK beginning in Autumn 2024, my suggestion is to check the compatibility list again at that juncture.