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Be able to see when heating was on in all rooms on one chart.

I like that I can see what times of the day the heating came on in a given room, but it would be great if I could see all the times the heating came on, in all rooms, at the same time in the same chart.

This would help me to see my usage much better than checking 7 devices separately and reduce energy usage. E.g. I may look at the thermostat and see it only called for heat for one hour (e.g. 8am - 9am), then another room may be 10am-11am. Both report would only show an hour of heating, but actually my boiler would have been burning gas for two hours


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  • jam_rs
    I agree.
    Relating to this, could each tile have something to indicate the amount of hours the heating has been requested for the current day?