Become truly environmentally friendly

Tado speaks about being environmentally friendly but my radiator thermostat broke. The resolution is to share a receipt and they ship me a new one (across multiple countries) and then I return mine (again across a long distance)

I was told Tado does not have a repair department which begs the question of why it cannot be recycled locally. Unfortunately, I do not have my receipt any longer which means I will need to buy a new device and again and have that shipped to me.

It would be far more environmentally friendly to offer a repair service to reuse these and ensure less sent to landfill

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  • I'm pretty sure that tado actually sell refurbished devices......
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    They do but you insinuate that they secretly sell you refurbished devices. They do not. They actually market them as refurbished devices with the same warranty just cheaper. I bought quite a few refurbished. They look and feel new by the way...

  • At no point did I insinuate that........all I said was that tado actually sell refurbished devices......??🤔 please do not try to "read between the lines" to find something that just simply isn't there.

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    True, I just read it quickly and I felt that's what you meant. I did not try to "read between the lines".