Over target temperature, still heating

From the start of this heating season, I've been experiencing Tado intermittently over heating rooms
As an example, the room I'm in at the moment, the target temperature is 20c, but the temperature is 20.5c and going up. It's only room active, Dashboard notes "Heating to 20c" and boiler is firing.
I've had to intervene a few times now and switch off the TRV or Rooms as it doesn't appear to stop.

Has anyone been experiencing this?


  • johnnyp78
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    Because of the way it works as a modulating system, it’s not uncommon for Tado to slightly overheat the target temperature. How far over target temperature is it going?
  • Yes it is quite common, there's a few threads about this.

    There are clearly bugs in Tado's algorithms that it uses to decide whether to call for heat.

    Last year I was having lots of issues with it, it seems better for me soo far this year.

    Sometimes the opposite happens. You set target to 20.0, say room is 19.4, and it doesn't fire the boiler for absolutely ages. This behaviour to me seems better. When I increase temperature, I notice the boiler firing more responsively.

  • bobbles
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    I was controlling the thermostat and heating through a third party smart device.

    Tado are closing down their v2 API and swapping to oAuth access. Things were working perfectly this way. I've now had to go back to using their app for heat settings.

    Now I'm using their app my house is like a sauna. The heat just keeps piling up.

    There are numerous threads about this issue. Has anyone had any answer from the Tado support team as to why this keeps happening?

    Has anyone found a workround?

    Do Tado support monitor this forum and respond to queries on here.

    If this continues I'm going to have to get rid of this system. Heating costs a fortune at the moment and to waste it is not on.

    Thanks one and all.

  • RichardN
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    It wasn't soo bad a few weeks ago, but I'm now getting overshoots a lot.

    I suspect it's their servers getting heavier and heavier load as more and more people turn on their heating. Somehow they're not updating the heating level calculations unless you force an update by changing the temperature.

    Case in point.

    Last night, heating was set to 20.5. Room temp was 20.8. Heating level was 3 bars.

    I dropped heating level to 20.0. Waited for the bars to change, and boiler stop. Then reverted it back to resume schedule at 20.5

    Temp 20.8, setting 20.5, now only 2 bars active.

    It looks to me they're not processing the heating calculations quickly enough, or somehow your slot in the processing pipeline keeps being pushed back. Perhaps their processing algorithm isn't very efficient and making sure all users get updated in a reasonable time frame.

    They should really move the processing into the internet bridge and process it more frequently.

    I think I remember from last year they only do updates every 20 minutes or so. It should be every minute at least.

  • bobbles
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    I'll raise a case with support and see what response I get.

    At the moment this is not really acceptable. 🤞

    EDIT: Just completed an on-line chat with their 'chat bot' and the outcome was a suggestion to buy a TRV to stop the radiator from heating up and this could cure the issue. Unbelievable. I suppose they want me to buy 10 of these!!!!!!

    I'll wait and see what response I get as it been forwarded to their support team.

  • Well, I have received an answer within a couple of hours so I cannot really complain about that.

    The answer, well that is a different matter.

    "thank you for contacting us.

    If the Smart Thermostat is constantly overshooting, you should consider using the Offset feature to adjust the temperature measurement values.

    If there's anything else we can help you with, please feel free to contact us."

    The thermostat measurement from the thermostat IS correct.

    So rather than give me an explanation, just fiddle with temperature offset and hope for the best.

    I will reply and see what happens.

  • Yes that is a terrible response.

  • At least you got a response......many people don't.
  • But what if its overshooting and not heating when under temp? Moving the offset will make 1 worse.
  • I have this same issue! Contacted support twice about the problem and they were worse than useless!

    After weeks of messing around, tweaking little settings here & there and general losing my s#*t with the whole thing I am left asking the following question...

    Where does the command for heat actually come from because if my wireless temperature sensor (with brand new batteries) is saying the room is already 1*C over the target temperature that surely isn't calling for heat is it? Leaving me to draw the conclusion that the command for heat is generated elsewhere, maybe direct from tado server or is it a response to the weather adaptation function, a function that we are unable to have any control over. I did try discussing this with support and to put things bluntly the response was absolute nonsense! Definitely left me with the thought that, Tado have already had my money and really don't care if their product works correctly or not!

    My solution, swap Tado for Nest or Hive or whatever system looks like it actually does the basics after I have done my research!

    Tado is definitely in my top 3 worst buys / biggest wastes of money I have made!

    For a company that considers its self a premium brand I expected a lot more from the product and so much better from support. I wouldn't recommend Tado to another person ever!

  • RichardN
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    I believe the logic that determines the heating level % is done on Tado servers.

    I don't know why they don't put a hard clamp in the logic if over the target temp by any considerable amount.

    It is infuriating, because the TRV heads and the hardware is pretty good. It's let down by some simple logic errors in their algorithms that can be easily fixed.

  • Mine overshoots on the first heating time of the day every single day. Then it sticks to the temperature. It really is weird.

    Users should have an eco/comfort slider to control how much it does it. Tado really can't be bothered with actually doing anything for their customers at all.

    Early start being on aggravates it massively. I've turned that off. It seems to cope with small temperature changes but larger ones it miscalculates more.

  • I ended up talking to some Tier 2 level support about this. All they did was fiddle with some values Kp1, Ki and Kd..

    No explanation what these variables mean, or how they affect the algorithm.

    It made it worse, in the sense it wasn't heating enough, so I got them to revert it.

    I find you get less overshoots if you drop your flow temperature about 5 degrees. It'll take longer to warm up, but you don't get as much overshoot.