New boiler setup

Dear All,

Hopefully somone can help.

i previously had a tado sysyem which worked really well but now i have a new boiler and also added Water UFH.

The installaton enginer is not ramiliar with tado so hope i can get it working.

The system is.

Standard Radiator system linked to Wireless themostat and a wireless receiver to control this and the hot water. I have a Gloworm Easycom 25s System boiler.

Second part of the system is UFH - i have a wired thermostat and an Extension kit to control the UFH.

The boiler is wired S plan.

i tried to setup the wireless receiver to the boiler but is says "if you dont have a programmer currently installed in your setup, please contact an electrician to install tado for you."

What is actually missing??

Thanks in advance


  • You can’t use more than one wireless receiver/extension kit per account, so this might be what’s confusing it.
  • Thanks for your reply. I have one wired extension and 1 wireless receiver
  • I don’t know what a wired extension is but if you mean an extension kit you can’t use it and the wireless receiver. You can replace the one that doesn’t control hot water with a wired thermostat.
  • Sorry yes Extension kit. Wanted to use that to control the UFH. Can I just switch the UFH with the wired thermostat. Thanks for your advice.
    What about the wireless receiver can it control the System boiler directly?
  • I don’t know if @GrilledCheese2 is around but he knows much more about UFH than I do.
  • Forgot to mention on one zone for the UFH.
  • The Extension Kit is the predecessor to the Wireless Receiver. They are both used to control heating of a hot water cylinder. Only one is allowed to be used per system. Seeing as most residential properties only have one cylinder there shouldn't be a requirement for two of these devices.

  • Hi Grilledchesse. Thanks for your reply. Can I wire the wired thermostat directly to control the UFH and use the wireless receiver to control the radiators and HW which is paired to the wireless thermostat?
  • So connecting direclty from wired thermostat to Boiler and UFH without using Extension kit

  • You're missing some information from your schematic. The boiler won't be directly supplying water to the CH, UFH & HW like you show in the schematic. Normally there are some motorised zone valves that open and close the pipework for each zone. The Tado devices normally control these zone valves.

    Normally for this type of setup the wireless receiver will control the CH & HW. And an additional wired thermostat controls the UFH. The wired thermostat can be mounted next the UFH manifold and paired with a wireless temperature sensor in the living space.

  • Twford
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    Thanks again for your reply, yes your totally right my schematic is missing motorised zone valve ( I just have 1 zone). The engineer installing this is not good on Tado as normally only fits Nest so i am going to have to explain to him.

    So just to recap.

    Wired thermostat to control directly the UFH and ditch the Extension kit.

    Wireless thermostat placed in the same room as the UFH to see and switch the boiler on. Wireless receiver to control the CH for UFH / radiators and HW.

    I have Smart Radiator Thermostat which I will add later to the radiators once its all working.

    one last point why does tado say this for system boilers - if you dont have a programmer currently installed in your setup, please contact an electrician to install tado for you."

  • Yes, you don't need the extension kit for UFH. Assuming your system looks like the attached schematic with 3 zone valves, you need.

    1) Wireless Receiver for HW and CH.

    2) Wireless temperature sensor paired with the wireless receiver.

    3) Wired thermostat for UFH.

    4) Optional second wireless temperature sensor to pair with the wired thermostat. You only need this if you cannot put the wired thermostat in your living space.

    I'll message you directly on how the plumber should do the wiring.

    Tado DIY instructions assume you already have a programmer and thermostat installed. Swapping the old devices with Tado devices doesn't require any new wiring, so installation is within the scope of your average DIYer. Without the existing programmer the task is more complicated and really needs a professional.

  • Thank you kindly for the time to write such a detailed reply. I have already sent this to the plumber.


    One last question with a System boiler on setting up the wireless receiver - how do you get it to work if you don’t have a controller / programmer  - Tado is not clear on this point – can you just select a different boiler? Or is there another trick? 

  • The installation wizard on the app is aimed at DIYers, guiding them to do a like for like installation. I suggest you tell it you do have a 2 channel programmer and two wired thermostats already installed. This should enable you and your plumber to proceed. For the programmer you can select a Drayton LP711 as the programmer and for the thermostats a Drayton RTS1. For the boiler it's important the app knows it's a system boiler and not a Combi. A lot of manufacturers use just one letter to differentiate between their combi and system models.

  • Thanks for the reply much for all your help. The wireless receiver is offline is this because of it not being setup or is it a connection issue
  • Is it showing as off line in the app?
  • Yes it is showing offline on the app for the thermostats wired and wireless but the internet bridge is showing connected and also the thermostats.
    The wireless receiver is showing as offline.
  • Try pairing it to the bridge again.
  • Tried that but still shows the same.
  • You might need to move the bridge. Sounds like it isn’t in range.
  • So what can I say. The biggest thanks you for all your help. System now all working once I setup as the Drayton controller and repaired the wireless receiver all came to life. Shame Tado customer service don’t help like you do. They should be supplying you all the new kit FOC as without you guys everybody would abandon Tado.
  • I’m just a rank amateur but frankly I’m amazed @GrilledCheese2 doesn’t charge for his services.
  • @Twford good to see you got it sorted. For some reason the configuration of the devices is a bit tedious and prone to error. Hopefully it works as well as your previous system.