after mounting the thermostat the calibration doesn't start and show it's not mounted yet.

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My thermostat V3 does not recognize when it is mounted. When putting it on the socket at the radiator it just does nothing. How can I make it recognize that it was just mounted on the radiator to start the calibration etc.?


  • :) fixed it myself by finding out how to manually initiate the calibration while the thermostat is unmounted and then fast mount it to the radiator. I guess the little button that should push the calibration button in the thermostat once mounting it isn't working that well and just doesn't make contact. Now it works

  • Had the same issue and was very frustrated. Thank chris_powers_79 for the workaround. Pop a paperclip into the hole and hold down until you hear the calibration mechanism come to life, then quickly mount the valve.