Configurable Boost Timer

Feature request: to be able to set how long the boost heating button should last for as 30 mins can be quite shotr especially if you’ve been away and are heading home outside of set heating hours.
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  • I would like to boost for 1 hour but only to 21C. I think both settings should be configurable (and for individual rooms as I have seen elsewhere)
  • PhFe
    edited March 2022

    Only just got the Tado system, I up voted your suggestion, but I've noticed you can adjust boost time if you go into the heating tab, at the bottom you can edit the boost time there. Only have one zone at the moment, so don't know how this works on multiple zones.

    Plus you can adjust the temperature as well.

  • As per OP, would like to be ability to set the *default* boost duration. Currently it defaults to 30 minutes; if you want longer you have to go into the room page and edit the boost duration (a First World problem if ever there was one I know, but if you boost regularly, it’s an extra step each time). Thanks.
  • rafm5
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  • Rafm5 where did you get that screenshot? That would be great but is not a feature on my screen. It looks photoshopped. Tado, please make this feature available. I have over 10 TRVs. It’s not really a functioning system if I have to set each one manually when I want to turn it on for more than 30 minutes or to keep boosting every 30 minutes. I am dumbfounded that this obvious (and easy to implement feature) has not been implemented in the year since this post.
  • rafm5
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    @Huxster Just a suggested change, not a real GUI.