Danfoss 9000 issue


I'm trying to install the wireless receiver in replacement of a danfoss 9000. Regarding the wiring the instructions state to label the wires plugged in to terminals 2 and 3, however I don't have any plugged in there. I only have two plugged into 5 and 6? Can anyone help? I have photos but can't see how to add?



  • Terminals 5 & 6 are for the remote temperature sensor - you won’t need these for the Tado system. You must have some wires in terminals 1 to 4 which are used to turn the heating and hot water on.

  • Ah OK I did wonder if that's what they could be for. There were only wires in terminals 3 & 4? Is there a way I can send you a photo?
  • Wire 3 is for Hot Water On and wire 4 is for Heating On. Assuming there’s nothing unusual about your installation I would expect the instructions for labelling to be:

    • Label the wire in terminal 3 as HW NO.
    • Label the wire in terminal 4 as CH NO.

    These labels will match the terminal names on the new wireless receiver.

  • Perfect thanks mate. I found a post somewhere else that supports that too as NC is not needed