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Airco and heating syncronisation

It would be great if Tado airco and standard Tado heating controls could synchronise in the same room so that heating doesn’t try to heat when airco is cooling. This seems like an obvious feature, but apparently they are two totally different systems in the app. This is a shame as in many cases in Europe the heating is separate from airco.
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  • Hi Boffing,

    I had the same question and found the answer.

    Tado told me:

    ``The Smart Air Conditioning Control communicates directly with your air conditioner via Infrared. This means that it works differently from tado° heating products. Therefore, you cannot have a Smart Air Conditioner control in a room in the app with other tado° devices.

    So you can control both cooling and heating through the same tado° app, only you have to put each Smart Air Conditioner in a separate room. If you have a Smart Air Conditioner Control and other tado° heating devices installed in the same physical room in your home, keep in mind that they work independently of each other.´´

    So the set-up you do is:

    The AC you set as - living room 1 - and set on the temperature you like.

    The radiators you set as - living room 2 - and give a lower temperature than the AC.

    This way the radiators will only activate when the AC can not manage to heat the room to the requested room temperature.

    The difference will OC be depending on the location of your AC remote/knobs and type of room. So this is a bit trial and error in the beginning but when the sweet spot is found, you don't have to worry about it any more.

    I know it is not the ideal set uo, but at least it works. 😁