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I've been having problems with devices losing their connections to the internet. It has happened several times. On one occasion, the Wireless Receiver got stuck in the ON position in the middle of the night, and all the radiators got ridiculously hot. Most annoying. And I had to reboot everything to fix the problem.

I have read that the location of the internet bridge is critical. The doc says it should be at least 3 meters from all devices and should not be to close to the main internet router. So, I have been trying various positions but still having problems.

It seems to me that the documentation needs to be much clearer on this. For example, I have not been able to find anything on the number of internet bridges you can have. Are you supposed to have just one? Or can you have several? If you have more than one, will the various devices choose the one with the strongest signal? Or do I have to determine which bridge is used by each device?

I've got a large house (350 m2) with some very thick internal walls that prevent the main Wifi source from being used everywhere. So I presume I will need more internet bridges to cover the space. But I need to understand how to do this because this week, I plan to add thermostats to 8 more radiators.

Can anyone - preferably Tado(!) - provide some advice??


  • You can add only one bridge. It's a common topic, I've noticed, as many people struggle to get sufficient coverage.

  • Rob2
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    Yes, the software is written in a very limiting way. Only one bridge per home, only one home per account, and various maximum numbers (10 rooms, 25 devices) you might hit as well in a larger home.

    Unfortunately Tado limit their statements to "it would be difficult to change this". Not very useful when you hit problems.

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    “and should not be to close to the main internet router” in my house the bridge is placed 30 cm away from the wifi router and 50 cm from the internet router. This works fine.
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    @SimonThorpe Documentation isn't very detailed as it would open potential claims from unhappy customers. Currently, there is no solution for users like you.

    At least if you bought Tado° directly from the webshop or Tado° retail partners you can use Energy Savings Guarantee and get your money back.

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