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Data export

Please allow download of chart data for each room.
This would be most useful as a CSV file.
Data available should include date/time, actual room temp, demand temp (what the heating has been set to), humidity, open window detection, etc.

I would like to be able to analyse my own data, and be able to make easier comparisons between rooms, ie how the humidity upstairs changes when heating is on downstairs, or how long a window needs to be opened to control humidity better.

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  • I support this suggestion.

    heating costs went up 20% this year and it would be nice ti get all data to try figuring out a reason

  • Is there any update since this question was posted? How difficult is it to export data? Switchbot provides the options to export realtime temperature and humidity data to csv or txt file from your app

  • Yup, I want this too. Preferably as download and through API access. That way, you can make rulesets based on behavior and events!
  • There is information out there on how to access the API that the mobile app uses to get the chart data. For example:


    I used it today so that I could plot the data from multiple rooms on a single chart. I pulled the data into a Google Sheet and then used Data Studio to graph it.

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