Installation instructions Tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ on Mitsubishi Ecodan

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I have been thinking of purchasing the "Tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+" and install it with my Mitsubishi Ecodan:

  • Outdoor unit: PUHX-HW112YHA2
  • Indoor unit: EHPT20X-YM9A.UK
  • Wireless room-sensor/remote PAR-WT50R-E / 7HL150

I have been in contact with the Tado chat-support and they say that setup should be compatible. So far so good. But I can't seem to get any installation instructions. They refer to the app, where I cannot preview it until I purchase it and then they have sent me the professional installation manual:

But the problem is that I don't understand where on my Ecodan I should connect it. I showed it to the professional installer that installed the boiler and he couldn't seem to understand it. Hence I am turning to you guys. Can you give me a hint? 🙏

Below are all the manuals for the indoor-unit and remote-control. Can you refer me to a page where I should connect the cables that come in the box?

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  • Hi, I just installed a Tado wireless controller with my Ecodan, for me it was a straightforward swap out of the Salus controller already in place with the Tado base unit, the instructions on the app were very simple and it cam down to a single cable connection of 2 wires from the eco dan to the current controller being reattached to the new controller. Everything else on Tado was via the App. Not sure if that helps?