Advice before purchase

Hello to the community, I’m looking forward to moving to Tado, but I need some advice/confirmation of my plans before purchase.

I currently have one Nest wireless thermostat and “dumb” thermostatic valves in all rooms/areas. I want to move to a system where each room has its own schedule and temperature control, which I currently cannot do with the Nest and current valves.

Some rooms have boxed in radiators (blame the previous owners) so I want a temperature sensor to combine with smart radiator valves in those rooms. Other rooms have radiators that are not boxed in so just need a radiator valve. The house has three floors.

Here’s what I think I need:

  • Wireless Starter Kit to replace Nest Wireless set-up on boiler and provide a temperature sensor for one of the rooms that have a boxed-in radiator.
  • A radiator valve to go with the starter kit temperature sensor.
  • A temperature sensor and radiator valve for all remaining rooms with a boxed-in radiator
  • A radiator valve for any rooms with radiators that are not boxed in.

Does that all look correct or am I missing something?

The internet router is the opposite side of the house to the boiler, will the internet bridge reach to there and to the top of the house or do I need a repeater? Maybe I can wait and see if it works first on that count.

Any help is appreciated.