Provide estimated gas consumption from the boiler

Where possible and depending on the boiler model, would very useful to get an estimate on gas usage if the boiler can provide such.
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  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭

    Use your gas meter / smart meter :-)

    SMETS2 meters ave very accurate nowdays...

  • See this - just released - 02/09/2021 😆

    tado° brings real-time energy cost visualisation into its app

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
    edited October 14

    Yes, we are releasing this feature soon. It is already in beta.

    We estimate (heating) energy consumption based on historic tado° heating data. To make an accurate estimate, we need the energy consumption data from at least two energy bills. Just the meter readings, no personal data. We need this data to calibrate our abstract heating data to your individual heating system.

    Preview from the beta:

    As far as I know there are a few requirements:

    • Auto Assist: Enabled
    • No 'partner home'; the tado° account should not be provided by a third party, like Apple. Don't worry, the vast majority of Apple/iOS users do not fall into this category.
    • One zone controller. Not zero, not more than one.
    • A tado° account with some historic heating information. People with a brand new tado° account will also get the feature, but nothing will be visible as there is no historic heating data provided by tado° yet. So they'll need a bit of patience for us to collect heating information in their account.

  • GrayDav4276
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    Hi @Rob

    I will keep an eye on this feature once it is released on to the App.

    Surprised that there has been no user comments showing in this community forum so that because it's purely a Beta feature at the moment ??🤔 a bit of a Tado features cynic.....I can't wait to "see" how Tado actually arrives at their predictions/assessments of our actual usage. As a complete "control freak" I closely monitor my actual usage for Gas & Lecy and have over 2 years historical data (real & accurate) which provides me with GENUINE costs for my household energy. If Tado can achieve a result that is even remotely close to my figures......then, trust me, I will be seriously impressed.......but I will not be holding my breath.

    As a "Tado Cynic" .......i get a " feeling" that users will need to be signed up to the Tado "Auto Assist" feature almost indefinitely for this feature to provide anything resembling an accurate projection and analysis of current/historical data. So I can see the potential funding increase for Tado........not sure about the "real value" for the Tado users tbh

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin


    We cannot make an accurate usage prediction without your input. We can say month X used Y times as much heating energy as month Z, but given the wide variety of different heating systems out there we cannot relate this to a quantity of gas or oil... without your input. Which is why you can enter meter readings into the app.

    Let's say you have been using tado° for 1 year. You enter gas meter data from Oct. 1st 2021, June 1st 2021, Feb 12th 2021 and Nov 8th 2020 in the app. These are obviously some random dates I just made up. We can then relate the actual amount of gas you used between two dates to the abstract amount that tado° has heated between these two dates. This calibrates our app, and increases the accuracy of the prediction. The more gas meter data you enter, the more accurate it will become.

  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭

    @Rob Some suppliers like Octopus (UK) allow customers access their energy APIs, so that customers can integrate and automate their smart home, their way, browse the half-hourly consumption of electricity or gas etc. If tado° implements this feature customers (at least customers with SMETS2 meters) will be able to have 100% accurate data, not just some predictions.

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin
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    That is a next step. Integration with smart meters. I know they are working on that feature, but given the wide variety of smart meter suppliers across Europe and other hurdles I cannot make any promises about the implementation. But what I posted above, so an estimate calibrated my your own meter readings, is coming soon.