When did uk support end?

I just got an air source heat pump installed and we chose Tado to control it. One of the trv was faulty on delivery but we only found this out when the system was installed. The retailer wants the entire system returned to them before they will issue a refund or replacement so I contacted tado. They agree the trv is faulty and offered to ship a replacement. As soon as I saud I was in the UK they said it is a "special territory" and they cannot ship products here. They've suggested I buy a new one. But I'm reluctant to pay more for a product that is no longer supported.

Has anyone else come across this problem? I'm considering removing the whole system, getting a refund and buying an alternative.


  • This isn’t unique to Tado. Many EU businesses have stopped selling directly into the UK. The cost of shipping individual items and doing the customs paperwork is too prohibitive. Plus there’s the issue of paying twice if faulty goods are shipped back to the EU. I presume Tado is shipping in bulk to UK retailers and relying on them to handle issues/returns. Welcome to Brexit!

  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello all,

    We continue offering support and warranty replacements to our UK customers.

    @AlbaT6 case came from a misunderstanding about their address. As they have been informed, our After Sales team have already confirmed that we were processing the replacement.

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