Hot water on one circuit with rads - can tado heat only hot water ?


Hello tado experts :),

I ma looking for advice regarding compatibility of tado with my home heating system.

I have 2 storey semi detached house build in '80. I have oil boiler , gravity fed vented hot water cylinder and tank in the attic.

There is no seprate circuit to heat hot water in the cylinder , it goes on with radiators which are controlled by timer which runs oil boiler.

Can you advise if tado is smart enought to heat only hot water in the HW cylinder ?

I was hoping to install smart thermostats on all radiators and when HW needs to be heated Tado would shut down all rads and heat only HW.

Does Tado have unit which controls heating of water in hot water cylinder?

Alternatively can system run heat on demand for rads but also siwtch on schedule once a day to heat water in the hot water cylinder but close radiators so they don't heat up if temperature in the room is sufficient?

I am looking to upgrade hot water cylinder and add tank with pump in the attic, unfortunately not possible to create separate zones for hot water cylinder and raditors. What type of hot water cylinder should I install to make the best of smart heating controls, does that matter ?

I got response from one company that Honeywell, Climote or Nest would not work for my house so was wondering If Tado would be any diffrent.

Thank you all.


  • Do you currently have a circulation pump which switches on when there is demand from the room thermostat to heat the radiators?

    From your description of the hot water I interpret it to be a gravity circulation setup - no pump or motorised valve in use.

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    THere is a pump which switches on together with oil boiler. This is controlled through wired timer at home.

    Boiler and pump are sitting at the end of the backyard some 10meters away from timer.

  • If I’ve understood you correctly you have a system that plumbers refer to as Pumped Heating with Gravity Circulation Hot Water. It was quite common 40 years ago, but is no longer used as it does not meet current regulations. The Tado wireless receiver with hot water control will support this configuration, but do check with their support team before proceeding. The unit contains two relays and they are able to configure the hot water relay to operate differently for your setup.

    I cannot offer any advice on upgrading the water cylinder, but ultimately you should be asking your heating engineer to switch you to an S-Plan Configuration.