Firmware release notes / changelog [firmware 85.1]


Why at Tado° you are so offensive about releasing firmware release notes / changelog to the public?

What's new in firmware 85.1 just released for wired thermostats - this is nowhere to be found.

102 million usd put into Tado° and no dedicated resource for such an easy task?

@Germán; @Jurian

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  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin
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    Hello everyone,

    In general, we do not communicate release notes for firmware updates. We see firmware as a means to get a software/app experience, all features are thus communicated when there are app updates.

    The firmware usually contains the required underlying technical improvements to make these software improvements possible. In addition, most firmware releases also contain general bugfixes/stability improvements based on feedback from the community and bugreports from the field.

    Because we have to release the firmware weeks/months before the release of new app features (to make sure nearly all devices are actually updated), we can't go into details about what the firmware contains.

    We do staggered roll outs of firmware releases, hence it is completely normal that only part of your devices have received certain updates. All other devices will usually follow in the weeks after, and there is no way to speed that process up from your side. There is also no urgency to do so, since the additional functionality will still require an app update in most cases anyway.

    If you experience any bugs/issues after a firmware release, always feel free to report it to our support teams using the chat on . This will then be forwarded to our development teams.

    @GrayDav4276 @rafm5 I merged your topics to keep the discussion central.

  • rafm5
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    IMHO every project released to production should contain the change log.

    Whether this is just a generic 'general bug fixes' or a very detailed description how otherwise IT can test and debug?

    I understand that this won't generate a profit, but such a task falls under value add service.


  • Tado_WhyNo2ndLoc
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    I am having problems with mine - one has old firmware and works,

    one has updated twice and is not working.

    It wouild be so useful to know what they are "fixing"

  • so this is maybe the answer at why for the past 2 days my Smart Thermostat is keeping my boiler on even when all TRVs are off

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    edited June 13
    Will someone from Tado please tell us (the users) what to expect from the latest SRT Firmware update which is slowly being applied to our Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats. I have 1 of 10 SRT's on this new Firmware, and have read that other users have also had a few of their SRT's updated.........I am unable to detect any difference so an explanation from Tado (@jurian) would be appreciated.

    I also firmly believe that Tado should/could post in the Community Forum whenever (before) a Firmware Update is applied.......I would regard that as good customer support/service.
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    This link does not actually answer my question....
  • @GrayDav4276 it doesn't,, but shows to admins to pull the socks up and do something about it.

  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    Good idea.....but if I'm honest I suspect that no explanation will be forthcoming from Tado
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭
    Hi @Jurian
    I noticed that you have responded to a couple of threads you think you could answer my question above please......I think that I may have worked it out....but Tado confirmation would be good.....TIA
  • GrayDav4276
    GrayDav4276 ✭✭✭

    Hi @jurian

    Most of my SRT's have now received the 86.1 Firmware update.........and you didn't actually respond to my earlier request for you to clarify exactly what to expect from this Firmware conveniently merged a couple of different threads together......and then gave a response akin to a UK other words no actual substance worth reading.

    We (users/customers) can't stop Tado from applying a Firmware update to our devices (obviously Tado is trying to provide an upgrade to its systems) however from a users viewpoint I feel that we should be informed beforehand what is going to happen to our devices.......and therefore what impact this update will have on OUR systems.

    Or do you feel that Tado has the right to alter the operation of the systems of their customers without informing the users who have bought the Tado devices.

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