Brand New Boiler / Rads - full system - what do i need / whats missing

I have bought a starter kit and TRV's

My brand new radiators did not come with any valves or valve fitting kits - so all i have is the Smart TRV

what do I need in order to install the TRV's?

Also, I read on another post, that the thermostats give a more accurate reading if installed horizontally - which although I have 5 vertical valves can still be done and the display will be sideways - anybody got any background or experience on this?



  • I got Drayton TRV valves from monsterplumb (search for "Drayton TRV Valve") which at the time was the only place I could find that sold just the vavle. I didn't waste money on the TRV head which will never be used.

    On the other side of the radiator you'll need a lockshield and at least 2 of those (at lowest point of house close to an exit) should have drain off.

    Check with your plumber before ordering.