Glow-Worm smart wiring centre


Good evening,

I bought the Starter kit V3 and 8 smart radiator thermostats a couple of months ago and have just got round to attempting to install. To my dismay, it doesn't look like Tado is compatible with my current setup which is:

Glow worm Ultracom2 sxi 12 boiler

Glow worm smart wiring centre

Hot water cylinder

3 way motorised valve

Climapro1 wireless thermostat

Looking through the forum, I noticed that 'Jurian' mentioned ( the glow worm wiring centre is compatible and should work with eBus but when following the installation setup Im told the wireless receiver does not work with the wiring centre.

Has anyone had any luck with a similar setup or any advice on how I could go about adapting my setup to accommodate Tado.

Thank you for taking the time to read!


  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    I presume this would be ebus to the Glow Worm wiring centre and the wiring centre would sort out driving the boiler and the Y Plan system. It sounds like it’ll work if the wiring centre is smart enough to do that.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply Montage.

    Are you saying I could possibly leave the existing setup as is and then connect the Tado directly to the boiler? In the hope that the smart wiring system would still control the y plan system and drive the boiler?

  • @Mcs87 you do not state which starter kit you have. If it’s the UK version of the wireless receiver and thermostat then it won’t be compatible. This wireless receiver does not have the digital bus interface - it’s only suitable for relay control.

    The wired thermostat does have the digital bus interface which can be connected to the wiring centre. This might work when configured for eBus mode.

  • Hi GrilledCheese2,

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry yes it is the UK version. Ah right ok, that's understood. I'll potentially have a look at the wired thermostat then or perhaps look at replacing the smart wireless centre with something that does the same job but is also compatible with Tado.