Is tado° compatible with electric underfloor heating?


I have radiator and underfloor heating zones. The underfloor heating zones are electric. Can tado° control my system?


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  • Hi - I am looking to use Tado for electric UFH. I can find a product that does not need a temp probe installed into the floor. Did the OP or Tado know of electric underfloor heating systems/brands that can successfully be used.?
  • Hi - thanks for the response. I have also raised a ticket as I was hoping for much more info - but have had no joy despite having a simple question.

    Having reviewed all electric UFH systems I can find in the UK, none of these fit the requirements of TADO.
    I know Tado cannot recommend, but no one at Tado appears to want to provide even the brands that can work with Tado eg which ones have a system that do not require a floor probe.

    It appears to me that Tado state the system works with electric UFH, but in reality does not as they are unable to share any brand names.

    I think they are hiding behind “no recommendations” but they do provide a list of boiler brands that work with Tado.

    Simple question Tado (or anyone kind enough to help!) “what manufacturers/brands of electric UFH are you aware of that have systems that meet the three requirements you have laid out?

    Thanks all !
  • Also having same challenge, would love some pointers. Just want to know a system to get that I can retrospectively connect to tado.

  • How did this work out for you guys? Did you make any progress in your projects? Looking for same sort of solution, HomeKIT control of under floor heating. Any pointers greatly appreciated.


  • Did any of you guys find a solution to this? It seems like a simple problem...

  • DItto - I'd like to control just one room with electric UFH. It was suggested someone it would be possible via a relay, IE a tado sensor in front of a relay that is capable of switching in excess of 3amps.

    May also need a separate independent floor probe in line as a safety cut off.