Smart boiler pressure gauge

Please create a smart boiler pressure gauge so that we can view boiler water pressure in the Tado app.

I would like to get a notification from the Tado app if water pressure drops too low.

Many thanks for your consideration.
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  • Please add this feature!

  • VinnyG
    I would also like to see this feature in the app.
  • Water pressure could already be read and displayed for opentherm boilers.
  • cms

    It would be nice if the system also displays other information from the boiler like water pressure, outside temperature (I have an outside sensor connected to the boiler), the setpoint temperature tado sends to the boiler and the in and out actual temperature. I can imagine that this might be confusing for the majority of users but adding an advanced option would greatly improve the usability of the system.

  • zoic21
    +1 for this, it would be very usefull
  • johnnyp78
    johnnyp78 ✭✭✭
    Would be nice if we could also set the max flow temp as part of Opentherm functionality (I know this has been requested before).
  • catcharat
    edited December 2022

    This would be very useful. The use-case for me is that my boiler is located in the loft, which means in the freezing conditions it struggles to maintain pressure, and promptly cuts out because the pressure drops too low..... just at the point that you most need it to be working! This morning I woke up to a cold house due to freezing temperatures overnight dropping the pressure in the boiler to the point where it stopped operating.

    If I had a means to check when the pressure is dropping at a glance, I could proactively top it up before the boiler cuts out.

  • andyblac
  • Another massive vote for this feature. Please include a graph showing boiler pressure against time. Perhaps include it as a layer on the graphs for each zone.

    It would be great to be able to set the upper and lower limits for my boiler and enable alerts to top up or reduce the pressure if required.

    I'm currently troubleshooting a pressure problem on my boiler and having to set up a camera on the boiler's display.

    My boiler is a Vaillant 828 connected via eBus.

  • Camera is a great idea.

  • royi

    If you are losing water pressure, maybe it's time to get the boiler serviced, I agree it would be nice to see that information in the app.

  • VinchBE

    Any feedback from tado dev on this ?

  • joehood

    Dear devs

    Could you please let us know whether you would be able to provide this feature, or whether there are any technical reasons why it couldn't be implemented? It really would be a massive help for anyone like me who is trying to diagnose drops in pressure that can't be explained by leaks.


  • johanwaasmunster

    It would indeed be Nice of Tado would be able to read out more OT parameters and show them in the app.
    E.g. what is the CH return temperature in relation to the dew point ? Is the boiler condensating, hence minimising gas consumption? And add a slider for the Customer in the app from maximum comfort (high flow temperature, fast heating up) to maximum savings (flow temp definetely below dew point/condensating, but slower achieving the set room temperature ).
    and then show in a daily graph which % of the gas consumption (in CH mode) was in Condensing mode. And translate this in money terms, to allow the Customer to make an informed decision.

    I did not check if this was already patented or not, but at least the concept it is now public… My small contribution to Humanity:-)