Set all rooms to a temperature

I’ve got one tado thermostat in my lounge and tado TRVs on my radiators. If it’s a cold (or warm) day and I need to change the temperature in all the rooms, I currently use the app and click the individual rooms one by one and set the required temperature. Is there a way to set all the rooms with one click instead of doing them all individually?


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    They are currently beta testing a "boost" feature, which you can find at

    However, currently this boosts all rooms to 25 degrees for 30 minutes. They're looking for feedback on it here as they've noticed people may want to customise it, so probably worth having a look and voting/ commenting:

  • I do this via Siri / KomeKit, simply tell her to change the heating to whatever temperature. However I use a HomeBridge, as tado (for whatever reason) doesn’t allow HomeKit-issued commands to revert back to the Smart Schedule - they remain in “manual” mode forever. It works really well, as the HomeBridge tado plugin can properly leave your heating in “automatic” mode when you make HomeKit temperature changes.

    It’s not a HomeKit spec issue, it’s a uniquely tado Internet Bridge firmware limitation. It’s a bit silly I have to use a third-party tool and Raspberry Pi to get this behaviour.
  • I'm glad you've said this as I didn't know that beeftrader, I pressumed that if the option to return a next auto change point was active that this would cause the temperature to revert back to predefined temp settings at the next checkpoint. Luckily I have only really used this option for bleeding radiators or testing so never been in a situation where it's caused me any issues.

    It does seem bizarre that if you change by Homekit, that surely to the device it should just see that as exactly the same as changing the temperature manually by twisting the head. I wonder why it works this way?

    Within Siri the option for all rooms is called "Everywhere" if anyone isn't sure.

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    You’d definitely think that would be the “smart” way to handle HomeKit-issued changes, but it doesn’t respect that setting. HomeBridge will allow the heating devices to include an ON / HEAT / AUTO toggle, but the tado Internet Bridge won’t expose this toggle for the devices it adds.

    You can also just say “heating TEMP” as the shortest form. I simply say “Heizung 24” in German and that’s it, Siri knows you mean everywhere, at least for me.
  • Ah, my Siri doesn't respond in that way, however it certainly makes more sense for it to do what your Siri is doing.

    If i say "Heat Temperature 15" for example Siri comes back and says "which rooms" and gives the option on the screen of a list of rooms, or waits for you to say "Everywhere".

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    I set this “boost” option via IFTTT for 1 hour for all rooms. Means I can one click for heating every room.
    Might be useful to try something similar to that?

  • You can also set up a "Boost" function for any/all Tado Rooms at whatever temperature, for as long as you require with great ✔️👌😎
  • @GrayDav4276 Wouldn't that be the same thing - that Alexa-issued commands switch to Manual Control, not Automatic (or respect whatever setting you have enabled for your devices)? The docs at suggest it's the same across Google Home / Apple HomeKit / Amazon Alexa, they all enable manual control and mean you must remember to either:

    • Switch to away mode (or have it happen based on geofencing)
    • Go to each device physically and adjust the temperature back down or off
    • Tell your assistant to set a new temperature or off

    My use-case is that sometimes I might be home outside of my usual planned timetable, or I come home early etc. In those moments, when I issue the command for Siri/HomeKit to turn the heating to 24º, I rest-easy knowing that once my next time-block hits, tado returns back to my set schedule. This is the same value I've set on my TRVs in the app. To achieve that behaviour, I have to use the HomeBridge setup. You can see this extra toggle that HomeBridge exposes, in the attached screenshot. You won't have this Off / Heat / Auto toggle, if memory serves me right.

  • Hi @beeftrader,
    When I activate a temperature change with Alexa..... with the "Manual Change" setting set to (for example) 40 Mins.....when the 40 Mins is up then the Room switches back to the current schedule time block.
  • @GrayDav4276 I see it’s tado’s HomeKit implementation that doesn’t allow you to end Manual Control vi HomeKit, so what you have isn’t possible (without the workaround of HomeBridge). Alexa / Google configs seemingly don’t have this problem.
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    Hi @beeftrader,
    We seem to be at cross purposes here.....
    I don't have a problem with the way my setup works with does exactly what I want it to do in exactly the way that I want it to.
    I was just pointing out to someone else in the thread that you can have a "Boost" feature that is much more flexible than the current "beta" offering from Tado. I only use Tado or my Alexa routines.
    I hope this clarifies it for you.
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    @GrayDav4276 I was answering my own question from my earlier comment, and leaving the info for the others who might be following. Essentially if you’re using HomeKit and not Alexa / Google Assistant (or HomeBridge), the Boost option from tado is the only option to temporarily set all rooms to a set temp for a limited period of time with one button press / action (which probably explains why they’re developing such a feature).
  • @beeftrader

    I see....I think 🤔
    or at least
    I think.....I see 🤔..........if you see what I mean......😎
  • I too would like to see an in-app option to change all room temps at the same time rather than one by one.

  • Hi @Rylee

    I'm assuming that you don't mean the current "Boost Heating All Rooms" function currently available in the App......

    The disadvantage of this Tado feature is that it applies to "all rooms" for a Tado predefined "Temperature and Timescale"

    As I have stated in my previous posts in this thread.......I utilise my Alexa coupled with the "manual adjustment" feature within the "Rooms & Devices" area within the App.......which allows a proper "user defined" BOOST feature.