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TRV runs boiler but not open the valve when in low battery!!! Boiler runs forever!!!

Got low battery notification on one TRV. Since TRVs are a hungry battery sucker (another big bug never solved since years...) I decided to not change the batteries untill the TRV till works and expecting that when batteries power is too low to work correctly the TRV stops the communication with the bridge and so I would got it and replaced the batteries.

What's happened?

At certain point the temperature went down than the set temperature of the TRV, the TVR triggered the thermostat that ran the boiler, but the TVR WAS NOT ABLE TO OPEN THE VALVE!!! Result: with the valve closed the temperature in the room cannot increase, the TVR kept to detect a lower temperature, asking to the thermostat to run the boiler....forever! My boiler ran continuosly for 1 day and half, until I discovered the issue!

Summary: when batteries power is very low, TRV is able to communicate regulary, but is not able to open/close the valve!

This is a BIG security bug! If TRV detect that the batteries power is close to the minimum required to drive the valve it should put the valve in a safety and/or low power condition (open or close) and above all it MUST NOT TRIGGER THE THERMOSTAT (!!!), because it is not able to drive correclty the valve!!!

The simplest electronic programmers for garden watering have a security algorithm that when it detects a too low battery power it closes the electrovalve and does not execute any program set to be sure to not stuck in a situation with electrovalve opened and not closable due to too low battery power.

Tado...you still have a lot learn...but please do not learn over users shoulder...do more test an do not go in production with products that are obviously not mature!

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