What actually is 'weather adaptation'?

Could anybody clarify to me what the weather adaptation feature actually does as I cannot find any information online. I have been advised by tado helpline that it take account of sunshine hours, but it does NOT adjust the flow temperature as a weather compensation function on a condensing boiler would. So, does anybody have any insight into how the accounting for sunshine hours is actually done?

Perhaps this information may be included in literature with a bought product, but I haven't bought the product yet and am considering and trying to understand what it actually does.

I am considering a Viessman Vitodens boiler which advertises compatibility with the 'Viessman tado' and advertises that it has weather compensation functionality with it, but this then been refuted by tado helpline...

Thanks in advance for any insight.



  • I believe if it's sunny outside that tado will not open radiator valves on the assumption that the sunshine coming in through windows will heat the room

    If that's the case, it's rather simplistic as tado doesn't know which way the room faces. South facing rooms will benefit from sunshine but north facing certainly won't!

  • Thank you davidlyall.

    I just received a response from the level 2 technical team from Tado after a few days. In case anyone else is interested, I post it below. Doesn't clarify how tado may or may not know if your home receives sun or not though..

    "Tado uses an PID controller and takes the hours of sunshine into account. This means that we do not directly adjust the maximum flow temperature based on outside temperature. 

    That is why it is not a problem to also keep an outside temperature sensor attached, even when you install tado. "

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    Or to put it another way "the weather adaption is a 'red herring' and actually does nothing" however it 'appears' to be a 'good selling point'.

    I know......I sound a 'bit' cynical, dont I ??🤔

    But it's up there with .....

    1. Open window detected.....only actually detects a 'significant & sudden' temp drop.

    2. Geofencing......which is virtually a waste of time due to operational functionality.

    3. Air comfort.......needs to be configurable to be useful.

    4. Energy savings.......compared to what.....my use or an 'average' household.

    5. Care and protect.....(see comment below)

    6. Auto assist......nothing more than a sales gimmick.

  • There's a significant BS component to the tado system.