Independent hot water and heating

Hi, I have just installed the wireless smart thermostat starter kit V3+. WITH HOT WATER CONTROL. My Problem is I can't seem to just have heat ing on. it seems to turn on the hot water too. Any way to stop this behaviour?


  • Hi @GreentreeIRL,
    I'm assuming you have a hot water tank in your system.
    In the App you should be able to set up a schedule for the hot water operation. Then your Hot Water and Heating will function independently.
  • Timer is set to off and it still turns it on at the panel
  • I suggest that you contact Tado support and raise it as a fault.
  • Do you have a seperate timer controling your hot water? If you do, and you have a similar set-up to mine, i think you'll only be able to switch them on and off together...
  • The radiator heating system will not come on without having the water heating at the same time. The boiler fires up but switches itself off after a couple of minutes.