Reduce heating percentage

I have installed Tado all over the house, and in general I am happy with the functionality.

How-ever, since the install - my heating-bill has increased quite a bit.

With the help from our heating-company (district heating), we narrowed the issue down to the valves being too aggressive when trying to adjust the heat.

The issues is, with a high water-flow with relative small radiators, the return-temperature is too high - and as a customer, we're billed due to the extra high return-temperature (due to the low utilization of the heat).

So, what I need is for the Tado to be less aggressive when trying to set the heat - like NEVER go to 100% heating, but keep it at no more than 60% - and naturally it will take slightly longer to hit the desired temperature.

This should produce a more linier temperature (when trying to keep the same temperature), and will reduce a lower heating-bill too.

How do I configure this?


  • @GlemSom balance the radiators by adjusting the lockshield valves?
  • @johnbur On my radiators, the flow is regulated with a preset on the thermostat - hence why I would like to adjust this preset on the Tado too.

  • My oil consumption went up by 25% after fitting Tado. And I now purchase dozens of batteries every year. And throw the dead ones in the rubbish.

    So much for saving energy!

  • @GlemSom so you don't have a lockshield valve on the other end of the radiator?
  • @johnbur No. Only a thermostat airvent

  • I have the exact same wish, but it seems not to have been addressed?
  • @Banned , I appreciate your frustration as I'm not sure if Tado is saving me anything either but I do like the convenience

    I would recommend you look into using rechargable (Panasonic Eneloop) batteries or a recycling scheme rather than throw away spent batteries