Hot water control is missing from my App

I just replaced a Honeywell ST9100C with a Tado Extension Kit. All installed as per the excellent instructions. However I can not see a hot water timer function on my App. The Honeywell used to control my hot water times independent of the central heating. Have I done something wrong?

Many thanks for any advice.


  • i have an extension kit with a wireless thermostat - i found the professional instructions and go found the below

    Hold down the button on wireless thermostat for 3 seconds let go - repeat three times to go thru the options for a boiler setup and you will see HW on / off option

  • New system yesterday, set it up with app on phone, but this morning the “hot water” button is missing. Clearly a problem looking at all questions and complaints, and clearly no easy solution. I deeply regret this purchase already, it is going to cause a lot of stress and wasted time.
  • You need to explain a bit more about your system if you want help. Firstly what’s in your ‘new systemi’ - wired/wireless thermostats, trvs? I’m assuming you’ve using the extension kit to control hot water - is it wired up by 230v relay or digitally?