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Radio signal information

Nic ✭✭

Show information about signal strength between each component and the bridge, so as to have an idea of where to put the bridge to improve the connection with the other components.

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  • ziki
    ziki ✭✭

    Good proposal! Very useful!

  • mw9342
    mw9342 ✭✭✭


    That would be useful, indeed.

    Question for tado: do SRTs act as repeaters?

  • AlexHeylin
    My understanding is all devices act as repeaters if needed. However, I agree in principle - given the huge concrete wall separating some rooms in my home placement was a concern. In practice, I put stuff where I wanted it and it all worked - but I can certainly see in some edge cases the ability to see signal levels would be very helpful in ensuring a reliable installation.
  • This would be really useful. My hub has been plugged in the back of the router, and relatively central to the house. We have 10+radiators, and over the past 3 years there is one that constantly drops connection 3-4 times a day (you can see on the room graphs) and it chews through batteries. On and off I have contacted Tado support, and whilst friendly, they do not really offer anything useful. I really like the product but customer satisfaction seems low on the list (ie it is left to other on the forum to help each other!)... with that in mind see below...

    Last week, I added USB extension lead (no power socket nearby) and a 6m network cable to move the hub away from the router and move it so line of sight between the hub and the "difficult" radiator was better (original line had 2 walls, larder and chimney, now I think I am around the larder/chimney. The hub is now vertically mounted (recommendation from Tado) and in the new location hasn't dropped once in the last week, so will be pulling up the carpet and hiding the cables later today.

    Having the ability to see the relative signal strength or even the number any disconnects, would help and could alleviate a lot of issue. Tado .... PLEASE LISTEN TO CUSTOMERS... We have lots of ideas and you have a great looking product, please improve the listening to match! :)

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    Hi @GrayDav4276, it looks like @AlexHeylin posted that comment over 2 years ago...

    I suspect their opinion was based on the fact that tado uses the 6LoWPAN wireless protocol, which if you read around online apparently does theoretically support mesh... Of course as we know, tado doesn't support mesh.
  • Yep confirm some time ago by tado support, they don't support mesh/signal repeating...
    I have tried many position for the bridge and can't find a spot for the bridge to connect all my SRT (3 floors and thick stone walls)
    Mesh would have solved this (i have a full zigbee (mesh) iot network that covers the full house over 3 floors no problem...
    Having some sort of bridge signal repeater (powered. Thermostat, Bridge repeater or multi bridge support?) would be ideal.
    This lack of mesh/repeating capability is a serious oversight/design flaw as it greatly limit the installation possibilities...
    Let's hope they will develop a repeater / allow multi bridge one day!
  • Just bumping this suggestion, it should be simple to be able to see the signal strength to allow good position in realation to the bridge.
    Most wireless devices I own allow me to see the signal strength, Bluetooth, wifi.
    It WOULD be a benefit to both users and support. I'm sure support can see this info remotely so why not allow us this information for OUR devices. It would reduce the number of support contact where the issue is down to signal and allow me as a user to rule out signal when devices are dropping out.
  • I'm having a very hardtime figuring out a good position for the Internet Bridge... This would certainly help

  • SsS
    A signal strength indicator would be invaluable on this equipment!! Don't understand why this hasn't been upvoated to the top!?!
  • andybuk

    The tado support team have access to this functionality. when you can get hold of them

  • This would be good so we can understand how far a single internet bridge can reach and avoid buying the TRV for radiators where the signal does not reach.
    From one who lives in a stone walled house