Supported features Smart Thermostat for Vaillant heater from 2002

Hi community,

I want to try the tado smart thermostat but wanted t verify if both heater and hot water features will be supported.

The heater is a Vaillant VU BE 282/2-5 H and a 150 liter boiler VIH CR 150/4 is connected to keep temperature at 60 degrees Celsius.

Now water temperatures are controlled by the two knobs on the heater and the room temperature is handled by a Siemens Landis & Starts REV15.

All is working fine but I am missing some fine tuning with the current setup.

My reason for buying a tado thermostat would be:

  1. More granularity in room temperature schedules
  2. Better control of boiler temperature (eg. only 60 degrees during shower time and only 40 degrees at other times)

Will that be possible with the Smart Thermostatstarter kit V3+?

Thank you for your feedback.


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  • jeroen7424
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    I will first change my heater to a newer model with condenstation and eBUS controller.

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  • Hi @jeroen7424

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I would highly recommend you contact our support as soon as you know exactly which boiler model you are getting so that they can check the compatibility. That way you could even get everything done on the same day.

    Best regards,


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