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Extra wireless thermostat for seperate zone


I currently have a 4 zone central heating system + hotwater:

2 zones with wired thermostats (both wet underfloor heating)

2 zones with wireless thermostats (radiator central heating)

I am looking to get a Tado system installed to run this system.

I see that you can buy extra Wired thermostats, but I can't find where to buy extra wireless thermostats. (I see the Wireless Temperature Sensor - but does that only work with the TRVs?)

Can you buy set up a system with multiple wireless thermostat zones? Or does this have to be done with TRVs?

Thanks in advance



  • Buy anything you need from AMAZON. Dont buy anything until someone from Tado has confirmed technically how it will work. Do not expect much customer service setting it up. I have been with them for 4 years and in the last year the customer service has dropped off a cliff. Its as if they are a startup again. good luck,.

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