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Invite users only for geofencing


It could be a good idea to invite people on the app only for geofencing (right management or another app only for this usage?). My kids are at home from time to time between school sessions and i need geofencing to heat up the home when they come back. But i don't want my kids to play with tado settings. "Oh, it's cold here, let put the heater to 25°..." You see what i mean ;) ?

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  • Agree, I would like to see at least 3 roles to give granular access to the app. The roles Admin, User and Guest would be appropriate. With Guest just getting the geofencing function, and a User being able to make temperature changes but not modify the device configuration.

  • Agree entirely. Use case extends to kids with smart phones, who should be located at home, but not able to change the settings !
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