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What Tado solution is there for multiple timers for heating and water

Hi Tado community.

I wondered if anyone can help advise what I would kit I need for Tado.

I have 3 Timers in the house.

a) A Drayton timer controls the regular hot water and Radiatior heating like any UK house hold.

b) Two other Danfoss (one upstairs and one downstairs) controls when the Underfloor heating is pumped around (dependent on the Drayton heating timer above - So the Danfoss times need to be setup to kick in the same time as the Drayton). The underfloor does have hallway, lounge, kitchen as zones controlled by Thermostats, while the upstairs has thermostats for each bath room .

I get that I could get Tado wall thermostats to replace the old dial ones, while I could even add Radiator thermostats to control the room radiators. However the main question is, do I need to buy 3 units that replace the timers? And would they all talk to each other in sync?

Advice here to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.



  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello Mykelee138,

    Thank you for your question,

    If those timers are controlling a zone valve, then yes, you will need to replace those (an Extension Kit to replace the Drayton and Smart Thermostats for the others), well it's not mandatory, however not doing it would partially defeat the purpose of having tado°. And yes, they would all work in sync with each other.

    Adding Smart Radiator Thermostats will even give you individual control per room if this is required,

    to make sure your system is compatible and to receive the required instructions, please contact Support directly:

    With best regards,


  • Thanks for the insight Joey. I will try and contact support.

    So based on what you say, I would really need to get 3 extension kits units to replace the Drayton and the two Danfoss program timers?

    Where you say they work in sync with each other, do you mean the Underheating (Danfoss replaced timer) extension kit unit would tell the extension unit that normally talks to the boiler (Drayton replaced timer) to start up the heating if the Smart thermostats downstairs in the hall thinks its too cold? My current system is a 2 step where it depends on the Drayton’s timing (say 6pm - 8pm to heat water and Heating) and as long as the underwater heating Danfoss is set the same time only then does it work together which is a pain, hence the need to look for something that works together.

    Regards and Thanks


  • Apparently after I spoke with Tado, we cannot get 3 extension units to replace the Timers as these do not talk to each other and you can only setup 1 account on the app per extension unit.

    Not sure why my house is setup this way, so not sure what solutions there are going forward.

  • Hi, as I understand your situation you do not require 3 extension kits. The moderators answer was correct. One extension kit with a minimum of 2 Smart Thermostats plus radiator valves.

    Hope this answer is helpful. We have had the Tado system for 2-3 years in a 300+ sq m house and saved a considerable amount of money over the previous Nest Thermostat. The system we put in has already paid for itself. 1 x Extension kits, 3 Smart Thermostats and 9 rads (we continue to expand the system, this year we will include the guest bedrooms and their corridor). I could not believe we were that comfortable in the Winter (my wife likes 23C) and still had 500l left in our 2500l tank after 2 seasons. The system works well (we pay the annual subscription) and ensures that we get up to a warm house.

    We do have a wood-fired oven in the kitchen, and a wood-fire in the Sitting Room for evening use, that augments the heating. We always feel warmer looking at flames ...

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