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Ho To set Tado when are you away from home for a while

Hi All,

hope you can help me with this.

My configuration is: extension kit, wireless smart thermostat and some smart radiators.

I would like to stay away from home for a while and I would prefer to switch off the Wi-Fi connection as well. What I need to do in order that tado maintain the temperature of the rooms at a specific temperature?

Many thanks,



  • Tado does not use WiFi so you can switch off that function at your router and the thermostats will continue to work. Or, did you mean internet? You will need to keep the router switched on. Renew your batteries if going away for a long time.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @DadoTado When you are in AWAY mode, all default to Frost Protection but you could still change the temperature of 1 or more rads by changing to 'Until you cancel' rather than the next timed slot.

  • Hi GrilledCheese, yes sorry you're right. My idea was to switch off the router and then let the internet bridge switched on. In this way the smart radiators can ask heat when a temperature in a room is lower than what set? Is it correct?

  • GrilledCheeseGrilledCheese ✭✭✭
    edited September 10

    Tado thermostats rely heavily on the cloud to function correctly. For @samd suggestion to work you will need to manually put your smartphone to Away Mode before you shut down the router, else the system will use your last known location, which will be home. In the smart schedule you can set an Away temperature, which will give you an away temperature higher than frost protection for any device.

    Personally, I’d keep the router on so that you can monitor your home remotely. You also benefit from the humidity readings. If you have a major water leak from the heating system or the general plumbing then the humidity in your home will shoot up.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @GrilledCheese Good point in first para - I hadn't considered that!

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