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Hi All,

I currently have a standard S Plan system with Hot water control & thermostat, and looking at the tado system as I like the apple home compatibility.

My Boiler is a Fusion comet 24k Electric boiler running a S Plan system. https://www.electric-heatingcompany.co.uk/electric-boilers/3-phase/

I have a standard timer on the wall near the boiler with a thermostat wired remotely in the hall way.

The boiler required a Volt free connection, right now I cannot remember if this is provided from the thermostat or from the wiring centre for the heating control system.

Is the Tado able to control volt free on S Plan? I am not even bothered if it doesn't control the hot water as I can simply put this on a timer anyway and also use immersion heater. Mainly looking at just the heating control.

Thanks in advance :)


  • Yes, Tado can control volt-free systems. When you order from Tado their support team will ask you for the model number of your current thermostat and check compatibility. You will receive bespoke instructions for moving the wires from old to new thermostat.

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